Starcraft 2 Tips and Tricks

Starcraft 2 Tips and Tricks
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General Tips

These Starcraft 2 tips will help improve your game and give you an edge over the competition.

  • One of the best things a player can do to try and improve their game is to watch the pros play against one another. There are literally thousands of replays that can be watched online free of charge.
  • Scouting your opponent is a crucial component to your success. It is best to send a scout early in the game to determine what kind of units your opponent is building and also whether they will be rushing or teching. It is also important to send a scout around the map throughout the game to check for expansions.
  • Making control groups is a great way to select multiple units quickly. To create a control group simply highlight the units you would like to add and then hit CTRL + any number on the keyboard. To add new units to the group select the new unit and then hit Shift + the number you previously selected.
  • Try to always have under 1,000 resources at any given time. If you have more than that you are not spending your money effectively. Build more units, structures, harvesters, or upgrades to reduce your resources.
  • Make sure to properly manage your capacity. When you are getting close to running out make sure you build more supply depots, pylons, or Overlords. It is important to never run out of capacity, because every second is crucial in Starcraft 2.
  • Queuing attacks and actions is also important as it frees up the player to focus on other things. To create a queue select the unit you wish to use and then hold Shift and click on whatever attacks or commands you would like the unit to complete. A total of 32 actions can be added to the queue.


  • terran

    Building a wall is one of Terran’s greatest defenses. Blocking off the entrance to your base by using barracks and supply depots is crucial to Terran’s success. Make sure to use at least one supply depot when you build the wall as these can be lowered and raised to let your units in and out of your base.

  • It can be helpful to turn on “show building grids” in the options menu. This will ensure you do not leave any gaps when you close off the entrance.

  • When using barracks to build a wall make sure to set the rally point inside the base, or else the units will spawn outside and you will be forced to lower a supply depot to bring them back in.

  • To avoid the effect of a ghost’s EMP simply load your units into transport carriers.


  • protoss

    To select all your warp gates quickly either select the warp gate icon in the left hand corner of your screen, or hit the W button.

  • Warp gates can be used to block off the entrance of the Protoss base. Stalkers can blink out of the base and flying units can simply fly in and out of the base whenever they want. This is not a good option if you want to produce Zealots or other ground units.

  • Place a pylon close to your opponents base. This acts as a good detection mechanism and is also useful for warping.

  • Make sure to use chrono boost to build your units at a faster rate. Make sure to use chrono boost throughout the game and not just at the beginning.



Zerg is one of the more difficult races to play. These Starcraft 2 tips will hopefully help a new or veteran player better manage this race.

  • Using your Overlord for scouting is extremely important. Zerg probably has the best scouting ability out of all the races so make sure to utilize it.
  • Use Zerglings to rush your opponent early game. This works best on bases that have not been blocked off.
  • It is important to build drones throughout the game and closely manage how many are available.
  • You have the ability to turn the Overlords creep ability off or on. If it is on your Overlord will always drop creep unless it is in transit.