Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Game Tips

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Game Tips
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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the second installment of the Splinter Cell game series on the Xbox. This stealthy espionage game will require you to make the most of agent Fisher’s arsenal of weapons and gadgets if you are to survive. Here are a few Pandora Tomorrow game tips that should give you a greater chance of survival and of defeating the Indonesian terrorist Sadono.

Who turned out the Lights?

In Pandora Tomorrow, and indeed other Splinter Cell games, staying in the darkness is perhaps your best chance of surviving against the terrorists and guards that Fisher comes up against. This is because Fisher is equipped with night vision goggles so that he can effectively see in the dark. This is the crucial advantage that Fisher has against larger numbers of terrorists. As such, if you want to progress through the game you should make sure that you stick to the shadows when you can and turn on those night goggles. Keep an eye on Fisher’s visibility meter which should be far to the left.

It’s also worth noting that you can turn out the lights yourself if you happen to be in a well lit room or street, even without a light switch. To remain invisible from the terrorists shoot out any light bulbs that you can to provide Fisher with better cover. On some missions where you have to remain out of sight of security guards this can be pretty crucial, and it will allow you to take out the security guards with your hands when you need to.

Whistle While You Work

Sticking to the dark will therefore give you the best chance in Pandora Tomorrow, but the terrorists will not always be in the darkness. For example, while you may be in an area of darkness a few terrorists may be somewhere ahead of you in a well lit area. While you can fire at them from the darkness, they will likely begin to fire back roughly in your direction.

Under such circumstances you can still draw the terrorists out into the darkness by whistling. Whistle a bit so that a terrorist notices and they will then follow you into the darkness where you can trap them and take them out. This is also a good way to take out guards when you are not allowed to use your guns.

Walk Quietly

If you began to run here this terrorist would hear you!

The element of surprise is another key advantage that you should try to retain for as long as possible in Pandora Tomorrow. However, if you start to run past security guards, or when you are close to terrorists, the chances are they will hear something and start looking around for Fisher. Running can therefore blow your cover, and instead you should walk to ensure that you do not alert nearby terrorists before you can take them out with your weapons. In addition to this, to make a quiet landing when falling press the B button.

Use Your Hands if Possible

Use your hands if possible

While Fisher may be equipped with a laser aiming pistol and SC-20K Modular Assault Weapon along with grenades, you do not always have to use these. On certain missions you may not even be allowed to use them to take out security guards who are not a part of Sadona’s militia. Under such circumstances you have to use your hands to knock them out, and you should try to do the same with terrorists.

To take out enemies with your hands you can sneak up behind stationary terrorists undetected and grab them, or alternatively sneak up on them from the front in the dark if they happen to be moving. This will have two advantages, firstly you will save your ammunition and weapons for points in the game when you really have to call upon your guns, and secondly you’ll avoid blowing your cover by firing off a few rounds from the SC-20K.

Cover Your Tracks

The one disadvantage of knocking out terrorists instead of shooting them is that they can be woken up by other terrorists. This can happen if they are discovered lying in the middle of a well lit corridor. In fact, even if you do take a terrorist out with a gun, if their body is discovered this will then alert the terrorists of an intruder and raise alarm levels.

Given this fact, you should also try to cover your tracks at some points in the missions by moving the bodies somewhere else so that they are better hidden. You should not have to move them far, just look for somewhere very dark in a corner of an empty room away from windows and surveillance cameras. Remember that you can take out lights if you need to make a room darker.

Preserve Your Ammunition

In Splinter Cell games ammunition does not always grow on trees, and if you become too trigger happy then you can end up running out on a mission before points where you could really use your guns. As such, you should try to save your ammunition for those moments when you may come up against a larger number of terrorists. You can take out terrorists with fewer bullets if you aim for the upper body, and if they are stationary they are obviously a much easier target.

If Fisher is equipped with other alternative weaponry you should remember to use it as well. For example, Fisher can be equipped with wall mines and frag grenades which can take out a number of terrorists. In addition to this, less lethal weapons such as ring airfoil projectiles, gas grenades and sticky shockers are good to knock out security guards with. These are all good alternatives to firing your main guns and will save you further ammunition.

These are just a few good Pandora Tomorrow game tips. Stick to them and you will be able to make good progress through the various Pandora Tomorrow missions and defeat Sadono. Good luck, but you should not need it now!


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