Spiderman 3 Ultimate Cheat Codes & Tips Guide For XBOX 360

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Everyone’s favorite web slinging superhero dives into action in the Spiderman 3 video game from Activision. Sharpen your spidey senses with this cheat codes and tips guide for the Xbox 360 console game version. Learn unlockables, how to defeat difficult enemies, and other helpful tips to keep the streets free from crime.

Spiderman 3 Tips for Defeating Enemies

Don’t you hate it when your enemies dodge your moves? To prevent this from happening and hit them every time simply move towards them and hit the A button. This should make you jump then quickly press X and Y buttons to attack. It takes a little practice but you’ll definitely be in the position to defeat them. Players can also go into rage mode when they are ‘Black Spidey.’

Take down the Hob Goblin swiftly by locating the subway. Let the goblin chase you along the tracks. Then when a train comes quickly jump allowing the goblin to get struck. A powerful blow from the subway train drains a good amount of his health. If you’re already on his board continue to strike him and then leap off.

To avoid the Sandman intense attacks press the LB and leap out of the way when a colored blue X is visible at the top of Sandman.

Defeat the Gigantic Sandman by getting him completely wet. When playing as Goblin character you use pumpkin bombs. Toss bombs at him repeatedly. Keep hitting the A button until you get a good aim at his head. Then throw pumpkin bombs at him from afar using the B button.

Spiderman can easily web enemies to lamp posts. Hit the B button and then press the A button to hang them across the lamp post.

Spiderman 3 Cheat Codes, Tips, & Unlockables

For ultimate health players must achieve 100% in all crime zone areas.

A fun trick in Spiderman 3 video game is the disappearing tow truck. Super jump two to four times on the flat bed truck. The truck will instantly disappear.

It’s also possible to do a 200MPH Swinging action. When you’ve obtained a slingshot upgrade approach the roof of the Daily Bugle. There will be two small smoke stacks. Quickly stand between them and hit X. Then pull back the left trigger to fly across the city at 200MPH via web swinging.

In Spiderman 3 you can blow up police vehicles. After you’ve unlocked the black suited spidey hit the Y button four times and then press X at the police vehicle. Web balls will start firing at the car. If you keep at it the police car will blow up.

Do a web and crawl move by unlocking the trick where you can swing with two webs. Then while using two webs move close to a wall and hit the B button.

To unlock the black Spiderman suit you must complete the Grande Finale mission successfully.

To unlock the Hob Goblin successfully complete the game in the black suit.

To unlock Venom complete the game successfully with both the black suit and Hob Goblin.