Gunz Prison Survival Guide

Gunz Prison Survival Guide
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Surviving A Prison Run

There are a number of cool modes and features in ijji Games’ Gunz: The Duel, including all sorts of PvE and PvP scenarios that will test both a player’s aiming skills and dodging abilities. While most players are used to only competing against one another in the game’s high-energy, fast-paced deathmatch modes, some of the more difficult challenges within Gunz comes from the Survival mode.

There are actually a series of survival maps on the game, each with their own difficulty and series of mobs to look out for. Not only is it required of players to work together but it’s also essential to utilize specific tactics differently on each map. This Gunz prison survival guide will help illustrate a few ways to get through the map and to the end in one piece.

Weapons For Surviving The Prison

Shooting at goblins in the tunnel

It’s always wise to keep a large cache of different weapons in your inventory for different situations. For the prison stages, they’re all particularly tiny. The third stage in particular, is extremely tiny, narrow tunnel that forces enemies both in front and behind players. This can create a very difficult situation for gamers who aren’t expecting the kind of opposition present in the survival mode and the difficulty they bring to the table.

Hence, one thing to keep in mind is that in small areas a fast shooting weapon is usually ideal for taking out a few baddies directly in front of you and in a quick manner. SMGs or rapid-recoil pistols are about ideal as a set of weapons worth bringing into the prison survival mode. As a secondary weapon, something that does massive damage is absolutely essential. You’ll need fast firing weapons for the smaller goblin mobs and something large and uncanny to handle the boss monsters throughout the scenarios.

Surviving Prison Stage 1

Stage 1 for the prison survival

The very first phase of the prison survival stage sees up to four players banding together to fight off several waves of brutal goblins. The entire first scenario isn’t all that tough but can prove dangerous if players aren’t careful.

Nevertheless, the very first stage offers enough space to allow gamers to move around just enough to get out of the way from most of the enemies. The one thing to watch out for are the mobs that spawn at the very back and the very front of the map. Be sure to clear out the smaller mobs before taking down the big boss, which will allow the portal to open in the first stage.

Surviving Prison Stage 2

Stage 3 boss fight

Luckily, the second phase of the prison survival mode is a lot easier to deal with. The second stage is basically just a straight through grind in the lower sewer facility of the prison. This area has a wider opening that allows players to make fairly good use of the surrounding environment to both run on the walls and conveniently dodge out of the way. The bosses in the second stage of the prison survival aren’t particularly tough, however, the final boss in the area uses an AOE attack that you will need to watch out for, otherwise he can easily take out the team if you’re not careful.

Surviving Prison Stage 3

Narrow corridors of survival stage 2

The third phase of the prison is probably the most difficult because of how narrow it is and how important it is to pick and choose every target and every shot. Phase 3 of the prison survival is a matter of gauging teamwork because it becomes undeniably essential to take out as many mobs as quickly as possible. The area is very narrow and all four players need to work together to clear out a patch in order to create some stable ground in which to work. The best thing to do is to run to the far north end corner and take out the boss and his fellow goblin goons as quickly as possible and then use that area to mount an offense against all oncoming mobs. Automatic weapons with fast firing rates are a must for this section.

Final Boss Fight

Final area of the boss fight

The final fight in the prison survival mode isn’t particularly hard if you know what to do. The one thing that gets most players is the starting wave of mobs. It’s best to wait at the spawn pad instead of running into the map at the very start, otherwise the mobs that spawn in front of the jail cells will overtake anyone in their path.

The final boss during this fight is one huge, uncompromising force to reckon with. Just like battling bosses in other MMORPGs, it takes a lot of teamwork and effort to overcome the final boss in the prison survival mode, along with a lot of maneuvering room. Just knock out the mobs and ensure that any smaller mobs that spawn need to be finished off in the surrounding area before engaging the final boss, otherwise it’ll be very difficult trying to fight the boss while dodging the mobs that spawn in the surrounding area.

Hints And Tips For Surviving

Don’t forget to wall-run

A few things to keep in mind when trying to survive: one important thing to note is that it’s not possible to stay alive just by jamming yourself in a corner and praying and spraying at mob spawns. Just like any other MMORPG that requires pacing and teamwork for handling large waves of mobs, you’ll have to stick and move and grab ammo and health drops as often as possible, otherwise it becomes very difficult to fend off a boss when the time comes.

Another important, but often times overlooked feature, is wall-running and using the environment to your advantage. If you get trapped by a lot of spawns then be sure to clear out a path so you can wall-run, if the stage allows for it, and remember to reload or try to get headshots while wall-running. It’s a life-saver for the prison survival stages.

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