An In-depth Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Review for iPhone and Other Mobile Devices

An In-depth Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Review for iPhone and Other Mobile Devices
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The fact that Modern Combat 2 has some borrowed ideas is neither surprising nor relevant because anyone who is familiar with its predecessor; Modern Combat: Sandstorm, would have realised that it was very similar to the actual Modern Warfare original. Now Modern Combat 2 has once again drawn from the sequel to Modern Warfare and also Black Ops, which is another Call of Duty game. The fact that it seems similar to those games does not take away from its own unique thrills and the gaming experience that it offers to its players.

Plot (4 out of 5)

Modern Combat 2 Sniper Rifle

Well, like with most of these war games like Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, the plot is always the same. You are needed to battle terrorists in some way or another. In this version, Modern Combat 2 casts you as a soldier who has been rescued by another soldier and is now forced to use your newly found freedom to start a war on terrorism in different part of the world. You may find yourself in hot or cold countries and even in forests and jungles.

Controls (5 out of 5)

modern-combat-2-Scope view

On a hand held device, especially mobile phones, people are usually sceptical about playing certain console type games because of the limitation in controls. But with Modern Combat 2 on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you will find that the controls are very smooth and customizable. You are equipped with a virtual stick that allows you to move and directional control is achieved by simply tapping on the screen in your desired direction. With the aim assist and the scope view that you are equipped with, aiming and shooting at your enemies is easy. Some previous games with aim assist were actually frustrating because it always seems to aim at everyone else except the enemies that are currently a direct threat. Gameloft has fixed that issue, because the aim assist is so subtle that it will pretty much pick up on anyone close to you and it is an optional feature so you can take it off if you want.

Another great thing about this game and its controls is that you are able to adjust your music without coming out of the game and you don’t even have to bring up a menu. Additionally, it will save your progress if you happen to come out the game and go back in, in a short time.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

modern-combat-2 Shooting

Modern Combat 2 shoot out

Well, you’ve heard all about the game and what it has to offer you in regards to gaming and experience, but what about its graphical appeal? Gameloft has really out done themselves this time; you will appreciate the graphics in Modern Combat 2 especially if you are using the later iPhone models or iPod Touch. It looks great on an iPhone 4. The graphics utilize the full retina display and the environment is clear and colourful (when it should be). You will easily and quickly recognize the snow filled mountains, the luscious green jungle, the dry desert and WW2 era type setting. While we have made emphasis on the newer iPhone models, the Modern Combat game actually offers good graphical display on any device that it is compatible with. The people within the game have faces with features and their hands are not clenched square boxes, rather they look like actual people and their fists have fingers, unlike some of Gameloft’s previous releases.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

modern-combat-2 Sniper View

If you are a Call of Duty fan or if you have played the previous Modern Combat game, you will already have an idea of how the gameplay is set up. If not, you will be even more appreciative of the 12 missions that will need to be completed in different areas of the world with a World War 2 feel to the atmosphere and environment. The missions are not all the same and you may find that you need to approach the situations differently, in terms of using a sniper rifle to complete the mission from far away, or approaching the target in stealth mode, arriving in armoured vehicles, and even the occasional chasing of a target on foot. This and the fact that the weapons are also numerous and various means you are in for some exciting gameplay.

Modern Combat 2 Defend Convoy Mission

modern-combat-2-Snow Forest

There is one mission that has you on the balcony or roof of a building where your aim is to protect a travelling convoy that is headed your way. You are equipped with a sniper rifle which you will use to eliminate any threat to the convoy. You can be sure that Modern Combat 2 is not repetitive and neither is the environment. Next thing you know you may be in the snowy mountains hunting terrorists.

modern-combat-2 Get Azimi to embassy mission

Modern Combat 2 Defeated

Depending on your experience, you can choose to play the game on the standard difficulty level, where health regeneration is your best friend, or you can choose to up the difficulty level and turn off all the assistance for more challenging gameplay. The choice is yours. In addition, you are equipped with an aim assist feature, so shooting bad guys will not be such a daunting task if you pass over your target. You also do not have to worry about losing your way in this game, it is not really one of those adventure games where you can’t move on until you have figured out some strange puzzle and there will always be an arrow at the top of the screen that tells you where you should be going if you are in the normal mode. While the game provides you with a lot of assistance, the enemies do not really make it easy for you; they will take a licking and keep on ticking unless of course you have managed to shoot them in the head. What makes it worse is that they have mastered the art of sneaking up on you from different angles and open doors, so it’s good to always be close to a wall or something that you can hide behind if necessary. Additionally, their artificial intelligence is not bad either, so don’t expect them to stand there and shoot, they will strategize somewhat.

Modern Combat 2 also features a multiplayer section that is rated among the best for the iPhone and even your iPod Touch. This is also said to be one of the best first person shooter games that Gameloft has managed to create that is both great in single player and multiplayer modes. You will find that good deeds are not without their rewards; every time you make an accomplishment; you will gain experience points and level up eventually as these points accumulate. As you level up you will unlock new weapons and rank higher. Hitting your targets and accomplishing headshots will make these points rack up faster.

Game Rating (5 out of 5)

Overall, Modern Combat 2 gets a 5 star rating, which is not always common for Gameloft, but despite the fact that a lot of its ideas are copied, it has been delivered with precision and attention to detail. It is evident that Gameloft took the time that they would have spent coming up with their own idea and used it to perfect someone else’s. Buy and Download Modern Combat 2 for $6.99