Genesis AD Preview: Hands-On Impressions

Genesis AD Preview:  Hands-On Impressions
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The Next Generation Of Online First-Person Shooters Has Arrived

There’s one global publisher of free-to-play online games that’s not afraid to venture outside the norm and bring gamers something good enough that’s worth paying to play, and I’m not talking about gPotato and Allods Online. I’m talking about ijji Games, the publishers of renowned titles like ROHAN Online and Gunz: The Duel, amongst other MMOs.

Their latest game is a futuristic first-person shooter that’s currently going through testing (as of the writing of this article) that is as visually remarkable as it is fun to play. And even though this isn’t a review I can safely say that Genesis A.D. is easily going to be a fan-favorite once it goes live.

Genesis Is Just Another Day

Dynamic posing for the camera

Some hardcore, first-person shooter fans may recognize the game content and gameplay in Genesis A.D., that’s because it’s actually the North American version of the highly praised South Korean FPS, Another Day Online. They are one and the same so the only thing you’re missing out on in the English version is the Korean text.

The game itself is an exceptional feat in the world of free-to-play titles, as it offers up all the standard team deathmatch, capture the flag and demolition modes, but it also features unique cooperative modes and competitive modes as well. One of those modes includes Escape, which sees one team of players trying to get to an extraction point while another set of players try to stop them. It’s a frantic and fun competitive feature that’s reminiscent to the Extraction mode on ijji’s own Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Cooperative Difficulty Taken To The Extreme

It takes a lot of teamwork to beat the co-op mode

At this moment the game has only one map in the cooperative mode called Viper Valley. This feature sees only three players – and I have no idea why it’s limited to only three players – doing battle in a linear cooperative map with a designated checkpoint.

As players progress through the area they’ll encounter vicious AI opponents who attack from nearly all sides. This mode is exceptionally difficult and requires a lot of teamwork from each player to make it through alive, especially considering that the boss at the end is extraordinarily tough and will put even the most ardent FPS fan’s point-and-shoot skills to the test.

Character Classes Explored

Each class has its own weapon set

What would a futuristic shooter be without a little bit of diversity? Much like Mercenary Wars or Karma: Operation Barbarossa, gamers can customize and choose to play from three various classes in the game and can switch up in between rounds or in-between deaths.

Each class has its own armor, special skills, weapons and side-arms. During the closed beta all the character classes were available to play and all the weapons and items were easily accessible from the item shops, so players were able to get a good feel of how each class played and what their pros and cons were.

Character Classes Explored: Assault

Assault classes take a lot of punishment before going down

Much like the Point-Man class on A.V.A., the Assault class is a heavily armored class that has players moving around like slow tanks, but capable of tanking lots of damage. Quite naturally, the Assault class uses short to mid-range weapons that include standard rifles that can be customized with minimal but fun accessories, or shotguns of various types.

The one thing definitely worth noting is that none of the weapons look like the standard military weapons from most other games. They each have a dynamic, futuristic look that you won’t find in any other recent titles, which is one of the true highlights of Genesis A.D.

Nevertheless, as an Assault class players will have the option to utilize boosters, assuming they purchase the appropriate one from the item shop, or outfit their character with varying armor types that vary in look, style and stats, which drastically change the pace and play-style of the game.

Character Classes Explored: Snipers

Snipers can one-shot opponents with ease

This class is fairly self explanatory, you pick a Sniper class and you get sniping weapons. What isn’t self explanatory are some of the Sniper’s abilities and skills that can be utilized during combat.

Not only are Snipers highly effective for long-range kills and utilizing high-powered rifles, but they also receive some of the fastest and highly accurate secondary pistols, as well as a variety of backpacks that can enable the player to use active camouflage, ala Metal Gear Solid 4.

The Sniper’s armor also varies greatly from the Assault class because it can’t take half as much damage but looks really cool and affords players to get around the stages rather quickly and stealthily.

And as mentioned, all the gear for the Snipers looks like it came right out of a Hideo Kojima game.

Character Classes Explored: Suppliers

Suppliers are no push-over

The Supplier class is a slight mix of the other two classes, having a little less defensive armor capabilities than the Assault class but not quite the speed or heavy-powered weapon selection as that of the Sniper.

Suppliers are for the general gamer who prefers supporting roles and the Supplier is just that, allowing for a large cache of energy and lots of mid-range, mid-powered weaponry. For the most part, their armor is decent and they have the ability to equip large-energy cache backpacks. However, as of the closed-beta, the Suppliers had no further skills. Still, expect some big changes for this in future updates: including the ability to heal teammates or supply additional armor, sort of like a healer for most other MMOs.

Gameplay And Graphics

Genesis AD is the new generation of online FPS games

As if I really need to reiterate this point, but the graphics are absolutely top-notch for Genesis A.D. The mix of the Crysis-like armor and weaponry and Metal Gear-esque special abilities gives the game a striking feeling of freshness and originality in the online shooter genre.

The gameplay itself contains fast-paced combat in tactical environments with minor physics-based effects. Players can duck, dodge and weave from side to side to make the most out of any situation that arises on the combat field. There are plenty of areas to camp and snipe, especially with the invisibility option. But there are also a fair amount of areas where players can tank in groups and completely annihilate the competition.

Hands down, this is going to easily be one of the best free-to-play shooter games in the long run. Genesis A.D. is expected to go live later this year for PC.

For further information on the game be sure to visit the Official Website.

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