Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed Walkthrough -- Part 4 of 4 -- Facing Colonel Kluckin' in Vietmahl

Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed Walkthrough -- Part 4 of 4 -- Facing Colonel Kluckin' in Vietmahl
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The Convoy Mission

Now that you have finished with Fantasy Atoll, you must follow Colonel Kluckin' to his base in Veitmahl. The first mission Crypto undertakes here is taking down a frier oil truck convoy. This is a timed mission. Use Crypto’s flying saucer. Fly between the two paths the trucks take and watch your radar to get their locations.

Shields Down

You now know the location of Colonel Kluckin’s base, but the base’s sheilds prevent you from destroying it.. The advanced Furonian weaponry will do nothing against the them. You must find a way to deactivate them The stealth mode that Furons uses involves body snatching.

Use the radar to locate the base. Get as close to the base as you can without using Crypto’s body snatch ability. When you find the area of the base with the generator that Pox marks on your map, hypnotize the closest human. The human than walks over and disables the generator for you.

A Slight Change of Plans

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The base might be primed and ready for attack. When Pox starts his planned attack, he finds that two of his key weapons are missing. Kluckin has captured Big Willy and the flying saucer. His minion Crypto has also been captured, and that is how the mission starts.

Crypto can make it out of the base fairly easily by using his body snatching abilities. When you get Crypto out of his cell, look for Big Willy or the flying saucer. Forget sneaking around once you have your weapons back.

Big Willy’s is not the only restaurant chain that want to use human meat as the main ingredient in many of his products. The entire war was started because he wanted a piece of the action for himself. Neither Furon is likely to change their plans for vengeance at this point.


The name of this mission sounds like a reference to the early 80s movie Tron, but that would not fit the theme of the game. This is the second-to-the-last boss in the game. You must take it out and avoid its own attacks. Perhaps the worst part is that Trahn tries to lure Crypto into areas where the humans attack him.

Avoid being lured into these areas and put pressure on Trahn when he is in a safer spot. Remember that Trahn has a lot of health and takes a long time to take out. When you defeat him, you must go after Colonel Kluckin’.

Taking Flak


Use the flying saucer to destroy all the buildings on the base. This may seem simple as the shields that protected the base are down. The lack of shields does not leave the base defenseless. Dodge anti-aircraft fire and take out weapons emplacements.

Tanks may fire you at the bridge. Ignore them unless you need to recharge your energy weapons. The goal is to destroy the entire base, but you should probably start with the energy weapon turrets.

Chickens Dig Giant Robots

The mission’s actual title is Stone Cold. The Big Willy and Colonel Kluckin' mechs duke it ou.t. You can use Big Willy’s lasers, but this drains your energy. If you run out of energy, Kluckin uses an electromagnetic pulse attack that drains your energy and knocks you to the ground.

Throw the Kluckin robot to the ground and throw cars at it to damage it. Big Willy runs out of health, you do not need to start the fight over. The game simply starts the fight in a new location. The new location will have more debris to throw at your opponent, and the process can be repeated until the Kluckin’ mech is obliterated.

Odd Jobs in Vietmahl


There are a few odd jobs you can do throughout the course of your mission in Vietmahl. The most interesting of these is the “There is no “U” in Team” where the efficiency expert is revealed for the con artist he is. (The strategy is similar to the strategy used to kill Trahn.)

Zombie Rideshare – Crypto must switch Colonel Kluckin’s meat with zombie flesh.

Give 110% – Beat Gondh in a race with Big Willy

The End of the Affair – Crypto must stand in for the target of a rival assassin, track the rival down and kill him.

Will Destroy All Humans Return to the Wii?

While the adventure of Crypto and Pox may continue on other platforms, the Wii game did not turn out to be popular with gamers. It is unlikely THQ will put out another title in the series. Many video game companies put a unique title out for the Nintendo console to see how well a game will work on it, and how popular the game will be. The Wii version of Destroy all humans suffered from the same flaw of many companies who make hard-core games. It did not quite design controls that worked with the Wii.

Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed is rated Teen. The author recommends limiting the game to older teenagers due to the type of humor it contains.


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