Destroy All Humans for the Nintendo Wii - Big Willy Unleashed Walkthrough (Part 1 of 4) Harbor City

Destroy All Humans for the Nintendo Wii - Big Willy Unleashed Walkthrough (Part 1 of 4) Harbor City
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The Basic Plot


Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed gives Wii gamers the chance to play Crypto in a completely different decade. The original Destroy All Humans games take place in the 1950s. The series started as an homage to the cheesy low budget science fiction movies from that time. Big Willy continues this tradition as the entire game is a nod to the Charlton Heston film, Soylent Green. The game is more of a nod to the crude humor of Leisure Suit Larry than it is to the bad science fiction of the 70s.

Pox has made a considerable profit selling hot dogs at his Big Willy’s Chain for the past two decades. Pox’s hot dogs are noted for their deliciousness. The key is the secret ingredient. Crypto has destroyed all the humans for over two decades. This time, however, he does not need the DNA to help the Furons reproduce. Now he must cover Pox’s tracks and stop a wealthy heiress from figuring out the dangerous secret of the Big Willy’s restaurant chains.

A Note on the Controls in Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed

The Wii controls are different than the controls used on the more traditional consoles. Even experienced players of the other Destroy All Humans games should take time to learn the Wii controls. The player quickly finds that the screen bounces around far more than it should for comfortable game play. Follow the instructions in the tutorial. Pox will give you your first mission when you finish your basic training.

The Harbor City Wiener Roast

Destroy Al Humans Screenshot

Crypto managed to save one crate of human meat. Pox reveals that he has a warehouse full of the special mystery meat thsy id the key ingredient of Big Willy’s hot dogs. Use the flying saucer to pick up three crates of meat and take the damning evidence away from the warehouses.

This mission requires the use of the flying saucer and its abduction ability. You can abduct human passersby with the saucer. Abducting humans may be fun, but it does not complete the mission. Disguise the UFO as a blimp and move over a crate. Use the saucer’s abduction ability to lift the crate into the air.. Deliver a crate to one of the marked spots on the mini-map before the saucer disgusie ends. When you deliver, Pox asks you to destroy the nearby Colonel Kluckin’s restaurant. Stay in the saucer and use the saucer weapon to destroy the building. You can destroy other buildings as well.

Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleased Walkthrough: Meat the Press

Colonel Kluckin’s Mech

Patricia Wurst, or Patty Worst has announced a press conference. She plans to reveal what the Big Willy Chain has been using in its hot dogs. Pox l earns of her plan and decides to gather intelligence on the wealthy heiress. Have Crypto how to perform the body snatch technique. The demonstration is conveniently taking place at the Big Willy’s restaurant in Harbor City.

Snatch a human body and go to the marked areas on the locations. The health of a human host does not last indefinitely while the body is under Furonian control. When the host body is about to die you must exit it quickly and find another host. Follow the car until it comes to a stop. When she pays off some police officers, reveal yourself and kill the woman driving the car.

The woman driving the car was only a body double for Wurst. Possess another human and head back to the restaurant. When you get to the restaurant Patty Wurst is not there, but many reporters are. Kill all of the reporters.

The Scenic Tour

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed (NTSC-U)

Pox does not believe a wealthy heiress has enough brains to conduct such a scheme on his own.Crypto gets sent out to gather more intelligence on the underground movement opposing Big Willy’s restaurants. Follow Wurst’s car and keep an eye on the suspicion meter. If she becomes too suspicious of Crypto, the scenario ends.

Follow her and listen to her message. When she comes to the end of this sequence, you find out that Patty Wurst does not have much of a social conscience. The rumor about Big Willy’s hot dogs has been started by none other than Colonel Kluckin' himself.

Crypto Destroys All Human Protesters

The next mission requires you to dodge bullets and strongly discourage any more protesters from joining the anti-Big Willy’s movement. Pox marks the groups of protesters on your map in yellow. This section is timed as well. Keep healthy and do not be afraid to distract the other humans in the area by using Crypto’s mind control and body snatching powers. Patty Wurst escapes at the end of this sequence.

Unleashing Big Willy

destroy all humans big willy 04

Crypto must track down Patty Wurst. Pox hopes to bring an end to the movement that threatens to destroy his restaurant. You gain access to the Big Willy mech. The giant robot comes equipped with heat rays that can be used against opponents, but the most effective attacks involve throwing around cars, trucks, and military vehicles. You must defeat Patricia Wurst’s tank. The military supplies you with additional vehicles to use as ammunition. During the attack, Wurst may start to fire missiles on the restaurant. Do not let the restaurant be destroyed if you want to complete the mission successfully.

Harbor City Odd Job – Duke of Oil

The fryers of Big Willy’s restaurant need more oil. Pox has located a convoy of motor oil that would be ideal for this purpose. Track down the trucks, abduct them and return them to the restaurant. Try to keep the threat level down as it makes things much easier.

Harbor City Odd Jobs – Up With Furons

Even aliens must put up with performance reviews. The Furons have not forgotten that Crypto has been on Earth for the past twenty years. They have sent Gondh to make sure Big Willy stays at the top of his game. His efficiency exercises involve a series of race and skill tests which are fairly simple, but will likely annoy gamers who do not like to see too much coordination in their games.

Destroy All Humans: Big Willy’s Dance Party

destroy-all-humans-big-willy-unleashed-20070709015910092 640w

Some people may have thought Disco music to be a communist plot, but only Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed reveals the truth.. The disco music movement was a failed plot to make humans more easy to conquer. Pox rents a dance hall and he needs Crypto to gather some unwilling participants.

Find ten random civilians and move them into the stage area of the disco hall by using telekinesis. They will eventually get down and boogie to the mind altering effects of Pox’s music. The game does not ask you to destroy any humans in this scenario, but you can destroy a few if you wish to do so.

Harbor City Odd Jobs – Lord of the Fries

The last 3 odd jobs have been combined into a single mission. Pox and Crypto need some extra cash. Pox has used his superior brain power and perhaps some alien technology in order to sell Crypto’s services as a hit man. You need to kill 3 marks all with the anal probe. The mission involves laying low until you reach your targets. Get behind them and fire the weapon. Collect the DNA when they die and you are done in Harbor City. Now Crypto and Pox will travel to Fairfield City to continue their adventures.


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