WET Combat Guide - What You Need To Know To Play This Hot PS3 Game Well No Matter What Type of Gamer You Are

WET Combat Guide - What You Need To Know To Play This Hot PS3 Game Well No Matter What Type of Gamer You Are
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Third-Person Action in WET

The third-person shooter WET is a stylishly presented action game with a violent, grindhouse style. Playing as the deadly Rubi Malone (voiced by Eliza Dushku) you have to slaughter your way through waves of enemies and you’re going to get blood soaked in the process. You can check out this WET review for more on the game.

WET Guide

WET is more than just your average third-person shooter it is also a fluid, acrobatic flurry of deadly moves. If you know how to handle Rubi properly you can pull off some impressive manoeuvres and make the most of her murderous rage. The trick is to have a little style when slaying a room full of people and thereby build up your multiplier for maximum reward. In this WET guide we’ll offer some tips for getting the best out of Rubi. You can also check out our WET Trophy Guide for a full breakdown of all the trophies in the PS3 version.


Rubi is able to use her environment in true martial arts style. Think of the gun play in early John Woo movies. She is equipped with twin handguns. Using three basic acrobatic moves you can trigger slow motion and enemies will be automatically targeted with one gun while you shoot manually with Rubi’s other gun. You need to master these moves and use them as often as possible to get acrobatic kill bonuses.

  • Sliding – Tap Circle to perform a slide. This is the easiest manoeuvre to use because you can do it anywhere and it will trigger slow motion.
  • Jumping – Press X and depending on your surroundings you will jump or leap and slow motion will be triggered allowing you to clear the room before landing.
  • Running – By pressing L1 you can run up walls or along them and you can use this as a springboard to boost your jumps. Firing while wall running will also trigger slow motion.

Building Your Score

WET Sword Attack

When you kill someone in WET you get a wee score number popping up arcade style. The bigger the score you build the more you’ll have to spend in the store where you can upgrade Rubi’s abilities and improve your weaponry. The best way to increase your score is to get as many acrobatic kills as you can in each stage of the game. Any kill, or even better multiple kill, which involves some kind of cool manoeuvre will earn you a bonus. Try to string your acrobatic moves together into a chain to build up a big multiplier and really boost those scores.

WET Weapons List

Your ever present trusty twin handguns are your main weapons but you will unlock others as the action progresses. You will also want to use your sword as often as possible for close combat because swords are awesome.

  • Twin Pistols – These babies never run out of ammunition so you’ll use them the most. Always aim for the head and upgrade them in the store to boost their performance.
  • Shotguns – The ultimate close range firepower for blasting away the bad guys. Not as stylish as the sword for up close and personal encounters but seriously effective. Do not try to use them from range because they’re useless.
  • Sub Machine Guns – Spray the room with bullets with these fast firing pea shooters. They don’t pack much power but they do have an impressive firing rate.
  • Crossbow – The perfect long range weapon. It fires exploding bolts and will take out an enemy with a single shot but the ammunition is limited.

Arena Fights

WET Wall Running

Each stage features a couple of these special areas. They are basically intense combat challenges with constantly spawning enemies rushing at you. The idea is to work out how to slam the doors and stop the enemies from flooding in and the mechanism is different each time. During arena fights you’ll get loads of opportunities for acrobatic kills and enough enemies to create decent chains and build your multiplier. At the end you’ll be rated on your average multiplier, number of acrobatic kills and how quickly you dealt with the threat.

Unleashing Your Rage

There are moments in the game when your screen will go red. Rubi’s face will be covered in blood and she’ll basically go crazy. This is your best opportunity to rack up a massive score. You can chain together as many kills as you like and build a huge multiplier so make sure you take advantage.


WET Twin Pistols

Your health appears in the top left corner of the screen and it is easy to recharge it. WET uses the currently trendy mechanic of building your health back up according to the damage you dole out (like Batman: Arkham Asylum). It doesn’t really make any sense but wasting baddies will boost your health. You can also turn to the bottle for help and any booze you find and swig down will also boost your health.