Wii Gamers' The Conduit Hints & Tips on Mastering Multiplayer

Wii Gamers' The Conduit Hints & Tips on Mastering Multiplayer
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The Conduit for the Wii

The Conduit includes a fun and entertaining multiplayer experience Wii gamers have embraced lovingly during hundreds of hours of play this Wii adventure title. The multiplayer experience is one of the more challenging elements to playing The Conduit on the Wii and below we have compiled hints and tips to help you navigate the multiplayer play of The Conduit. Pay attention to the information we provide you on mastering multiplayer in The Conduit and keep your wits about you, and soon you’ll be the Master at Arms of The Conduit’s multiplayer game play.

Hints & Tips for Mastering Multiplayer in the Conduit

The Conduit is a unique adventure with style and energy

In The Conduit your scanner is a friend you always want to keep your eye on. This handy tool has a 30 meter radius and shows players that are running or firing weapons. You can crouch or stand still to avoid detection or make your opponent think you’re out of the game by playing dead. Study the maps and know where all the high points are and then use this information to your advantage. The motion tracker doesn’t indicate height differences, so you can use this fact and your height advantage to great effect. Targets on your scanner that appear to be right on top may in fact be on a catwalk or floor above you.

Make sure you lock onto your targets during melee as this can often be the difference between life and death. Locking on also helps to keep the camera oriented on your target, allowing you to concentrate on aiming and executing melee attacks. If you want to go hand to hand with an opponent, circle to their left or right, rather than going head on at them and your attack will be more effective. This will keep you outside your opponent’s sight and range for an important second, while keeping them in front of you.

Going for the bigger boom is nice, but certain weapons are better. The starting weapons for the Explosive weapons set are the SMAW and TPC Launcher. Switching weapons, especially with the SMAW, is faster than reloading, so be sure to use this to gain the upper hand if you don’t get a kill with your rocket. Switching to TPC while your opponent scrambles to reload is often an easy way to get a kill.

Grenades take skill to use in The Conduit, but are once of the better combat tools in the game. It would be interesting to see how implementing the Wii MotionPlus in this game would make using grenades easier. Fragmentation grenades explode after their second bounce, provided they don’t hit a player. Use this to your advantage by aiming low and bouncing a fragmentation grenade into an opponent rather than trying to hit him directly. The fragmentation grenade has a nice blast radius that will often take care of your problem and they’re handy for ricocheting around corners.

Time to Rock in Multiplayer!

Take a satisfying journey through a different kind of experience with The Conduit

The Conduit has guns offering charged shots, such as the Strike Rifle, which are incredibly strong when used in combination with normal fire. Keep your weapon charged at all times and when you do see an opponent, you can go for the headshot instantly or give them a bad day with a painful body shot. You can then follow this quick attack up to finish them off.

Radiation grenades are a very effective tool for specific situations but they do the job. Use them to make traveling through a congested area like a doorway fatal, to cover an entry way, or stop an attack in its tracks.

Memorize the locations of the health packs and make tactics and plans that allow you to make use of the health packs if you need to. This is a great way to surprise an enemy who thinks you’re down to your last breath, with an attack they weren’t expecting you to be able to accomplish in your depleted state.

Feel the Burn in Multiplayer!

A shooting video game adventure that isn’t for all kids

The Conduit makes you drop your weapon upon dying, but you can make sure your opponent can’t make use of the rocket launcher you used to kill his buddies by switching weapons before you breathe your last breath.

If you’re using the charge shot on the De-Atomizer range is an important consideration because the shots spread out over distance. The further distance between you and your target, the longer the shot has to circle before it explodes, and the wider it will orbit around the target.

During team based games you should always leave a guard at your home base to try to prevent them from doing a successful mass charge into your base. An intelligent guard can even set up the area to allow him to best take advantage of the situation and terrain.

That’s it for tips and hints for mastering multiplayer in a Wii action video game that’s a candidate for the list of 5 best Wii video games for hardcore gamers.