Weapon Guide for Section 8 on the PC

Weapon Guide for Section 8 on the PC
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Section 8 Weapons

The sci-fi FPS Section 8 offers great multiplayer battles. The style is typically futuristic with characters clad in high tech body armour. You can find out more about the game in the Section 8 review. There is also a Section 8 Basic Guide to help new players get acclimatised with the action. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the weapons in the game.

The weapons in Section 8 are a fairly typical bunch of FPS guns. There is also equipment in the game, including explosives and modules that can be used to give various boosts to armour or damage dealt. Each player can carry a maximum of two weapons at a time.


Section 8 Knife

What could be more satisfying than slipping your knife into an unsuspecting target from behind? The knife will kill instantly if you can sneak close enough to use it from behind a target. If they spot you then you’ll need to swipe away, but the swing and stab rate is quite slow so if your opponent has a gun you probably won’t win.


Section 8 Pistol

The pistol is a basic back up weapon. It is only really effective when you get up close and personal. It does have decent stopping power and it can be a handy backup to switch to if your assault rifle or machine gun runs out of ammo and you want to finish off an enemy who is almost done. It holds 10 rounds per clip and you can have a maximum of nine clips.

Assault Rifle

Section 8 Assault Rifle

This is a quality weapon and it appears in the majority of load outs. It is accurate and ideal for mid-range encounters. It can damage enemy shields and armour and it is fairly fast to reload. The fact that it can chew through armour and shields makes it very useful indeed. It packs 60 rounds per clip and you can have a maximum of eight clips.

Machine Gun

Section 8 Machine Gun

For close combat this is the ideal weapon. Once again it will pierce armour and damage shields so you can be sure of causing your target some pain. This is a very popular gun and at close range, even with poor accuracy, this will outgun most of the opposition. The drawback is the slow reload rate. It holds 120 rounds per clip and you can have a maximum of five clips. I always recommend having a machine gun in your load out.


Section 8 Shotgun

Usually the shotgun is the weapon of choice for FPS players who like to get close to their enemies. It will blast through shields and armour as long as you are very close to your opponent but the fire rate is very slow and the reload rate is even worse. It is also useless if your target is more than a few meters away. The shotgun holds six rounds per clip and you can have a maximum of six clips.

Sniper Rifle

Section 8 Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is equipped with a long range scope and it is extremely accurate. It will do decent damage on anything without shields and even a fully armoured target can be killed at distance. Don’t use it against shields. It will only drain them, it won’t pierce. Forget about trying to hit someone who is up close. Naturally the fire rate is fairly slow and the reload rate is very slow. It holds 10 rounds per clip and you can have a maximum of five clips.

Rocket Launcher

Section 8 Rocket Launcher

If you aren’t firing at a large, slow target then I wouldn’t bother using the rocket launcher at all. It fires very slow projectiles which don’t do much in the way of splash damage. A direct hit will be devastating but moving targets will easily avoid it. It is also very slow to fire and reload. It holds six rounds per clip and you have a maximum of three clips.


Section 8 Grenade

Short-fused explosives which will deal out decent damage. Hold F to view the firing arc and let go to throw. They will explode on contact with an enemy or if no enemy is nearby the fuse will burn down and delay the explosion. An enemy coming into range will detonate the grenade. You can carry three grenades at a time.


Section 8 Mortar

This powerful explosive goes off in mid air and scatters fragments everywhere. It’s ideal for hitting grouped enemies. You can hold F to see where it will explode. It has a decent damage radius and is a medium range weapon. It is handy for attacking vehicles as well. You can carry four mortar rounds at a time.

Detonation Packs

Section 8 Det Pack

This is my favourite explosive by a distance. It is a powerful bomb which will stick to an enemy target and can be remote detonated whenever you want. It is especially good for destroying vehicles, stationary targets or for minefield style defence. Anyone guarding a CP can make good use of these. You can even stick them to friendly units and let them embark on a kamikaze run into enemy territory.

Best Weapons

Everyone has their own favourite approach when it comes to FPS gameplay. The best weapons for you depend entirely on what you want to do in the game. You can have multiple load outs so don’t worry about being stuck with your first choice. You can always change during the game at a Supply Depot.

I recommend you always have either an assault rifle or a machine gun in your load out. These guns seem comparatively overpowered and you’ll find the majority of players use them. The rocket launcher is pretty useless and if you want to use explosives go for det packs every time, they are great fun. Happy Hunting!