Battle of Europe Review

Battle of Europe Review
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Battle of Europe is the latest release from Montreal-based publisher Strategy First and developer Maus Software, a title that takes you back in history to the WWII theatre and puts you in the cockpit of the allied planes that changed history over London, Norway and Berlin. Find out how the rest of the game stacks up in this Battle of Europe review.

The Good Parts (4 out of 5)


Battle of Europe comes with an easy to learn flight control system and mechanics that while it doesn’t have realistic flight physics, does challenge you during the dog-fights, and keeps your attention fixed and adrenalin-flowing.

Good variety of fun, enjoyable and entertaining missions, with a nice variety of challenges that involve everything from being a tail-gunner for a B-17 bombers, to being the pilot of a Spitfire jousting with German aces, to flying a Hawker Typhoon.

Despite the fact that this is not a true flight simulator, and doesn’t try to be, this game still was an extreme challenge to finish and I was only able to complete it on easy level; still trying to finish the harder difficulty levels.

Parts that Need Improvement (3 out of 5)

A spitfire laying down some heavy fire

Battle of Europe ships with no available on line option, which is a problem with any title today, just the mission-based single player mode to try, but with a number of difficulty levels.

There’s no quick save or way to save during a mission, so if you get killed, you have to begin from the beginning of the mission again, this kept me busy for a number of hours, re-playing a mission to complete it, wasn’t much fun.

The weapons and planes aren’t historically accurate in all ways, and the game is very linear, with only one way to complete each mission.objective, the game is way to rigid.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

Flying into the sunset

The graphical presentation of Battle of Europe is only average compared to many of the other aviation simulators out there such as Flight Simulator or Heroes of the Sky, but the planes, ground vehicles, and targets look reasonably good, with a below average amount of detail in the presentation.

The explosive effects are good, with spectacular gun fire and rocket fire, and the maps and objects on the maps look good enough to easily tell them apart from the air. The maps are dotted with nicely presented towns, cities, and landscapes that look realistic and help to keep you in the moment and concentrating on the action on the screen.

Sounds in the Game (2 out of 5)

Bomber on patrol

The sound effects in Battle of Europe are generally okay, with good and authentic sounding engines, propellers that shine beautifully and weapons that are appropriate loud and effective.

Although the tempo of the music was generally appropriate for the action occurring on the screen, with upbeat tempo leading into battle scenes to act as an audible clue, the execution of the sound track was poor, sounding like it was recorded on a tape recorder and then transferred, which is pretty bad.

Story (2 out of 5)

The story line in the story mode is pretty basic, it’s told from the point of view of a pilot who is receiving “letters from home”, a concept and set up that was okay for putting you in the spot of a pilot on his tour fighting against German aces, and reasonably well thought out, there just wasn’t enough of a story for me.

Bottom Line (3 out of 5)

Battle of Europe is certainly a game that shows the age of its engine and other aspects quite well, still providing a marginally entertaining arcade linear shooting experience that will keep you occupied for days and possibly weeks on end, even if you’re not a gaming guru. A challenging experience that will require you to play missions over and over to complete, with flight physics that is only partially realistic in some areas, but still offers a good flight through enemy territory, similar to classics like Heatseeker and Red Baron. If you’re looking for a historically accurate game with a realistic flight simulation or if you want dynamic on line play, then you better take keep looking through the hangar because Battle of Europe isn’t that game.


Lead your men into battle

Come out of the sun

You’ll battle in all weather conditions and day or night

A variety of planes