Battle Strike: Force of Resistance - Another WWII FPS That May Not Thrill You Enough

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General Overview

Enter the world of Battle Strike, be part of the resistance and train under the British flag, work from the inside and take the Germans down! Try and take down the armies of the 3rd Reich which seems to have occupied all of Europe. As a British trained commando, you have to infiltrate the ranks and be part of the resistance. Use a variety of tactics you learned from your training to take the enemy down!

They’re bigger, stronger and definitely better equipped than you will ever be - but what you lack in equipment make up for in guile and ingenuity. Rob banks, blow bridges up, blow up factories and have the time of your life (that we’ll see later on) taking out the enemy squadrons!

Source: Battle Strike Force of Resistance Official Homepage

Gameplay (3 out of 5)

Playing as John Forsyth - a British trained commando leading the resistance - your task is to try and stop the burgeoning movements of the Nazi war machine. Lead the resistance and help other guerillas scattered around Europe as you try to take out the Nazi soldiers scattered around the continent. WIll it prove fruitful or fatal in the end?

The thing is, playing WWII games are really so blase, that you’ll be looking for more and more innovation. Once you’ve played one or two or ten, you feel like you’ve played them all. Perhaps if Battle Strike came out before 10 others in this genre, I would have been amazed, but now I’m just saying ho-hum, what’s next?

What I like about it is though I’ve managed to play it through in two days (yes I know still fast, but I didn’t sit still. I had other games to play too) is that throughout the 8 levels - discounting other FPS games in your head - you still do get to enjoy yourself with a variety of tasks like blowing up bridges, robbing banks, or hijacking planes.

Difficulty (3 out of 5)

This game gets 3 out of 5 for a reason here, my gaming aficionados.

Battle Strike lets you opt between Recruit and Veteran level, so you pretty much know where this is going by now; the Recruits are too easy and the Veterans are too hard. But if you’ve played the game once at Recruit level, you’ll know where the villains are staked out. The difference lies in your shooting accuracy and theirs. Enemy soldiers hit like snipers and you hit like…well someone using a track-ball mouse with a dusty ball.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

A lot of gamers and reviewers out there might say that the graphics engine of Battle Strike is old, but for me - regardless of whether its outdated - the question is does it deliver?

For the graphics I’d say yes, to an extent. I did certainly feel like I was a British commando trained in the art of warfare. The images and scenes shown on screen might (“could” is possibly the better word) have passed for what wartime Europe had been and for me, its good enough. Interfaces are ok too, what with your range of weapons, things going KABOOM, and killing off enemy soldiers. Battle Strike is passable when it comes to its graphics.

Sounds (5 out of 5)

Using the Chrome engine, the sounds of this game seem to be really great. I really love things that go boom when I play my FPS with brilliant sound hardware and a few amps scattered around the room. The impressive sounds that came from the game really kept me in the mood. (Yes, even the heckles from the Nazi soldiers were worth listening to!)


Overall, while a nice WWII FPS game, Battle Strike Force of Resistance will have two effects on buyers. Tor the newbies out there, its a great game and its going to be an interesting game to play. For the veteran players, I say move along and buy something else. How about Fallout 3 instead?