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Legendary: The Box - A Gamer's Review

by: Gustavo Lequerica-Calvo ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Legendary or as is known better Legendary: The Box is a first person shooter where the player by accident opens the mythological Pandora Box and thus unchaining a terrible plague around the world; and it’s his duty to stop what he caused by mistake.

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    Story Overview

    The story and gameplay look fantastic, but there are somethings that you won’t find in this game, like perfection and responsive controls. The story of Legendary is about a professional thief named Charles Deckar, who is sent by a mysterious organization to steal an artifact in a New York Museum, which ended being as the Pandora’s Box.

    Unknowing that he was sent to steal the Pandora’s Box, by an act of curiosity Charles open the mysterious box, unleashing a terrible evil into the world and mythological creatures that goes into a rampage of destroying everything. Now it is Charles turn to prove that he is worthy enough to save the world, by finding the key to close the Box of Pandora.

    The story indeed sounds good, but is not the first and probably won’t be the last where we hear this literary scheme where the hero is a thief of searching his redemption. Probably the story of Legendary is the best aspect of the game overall because the gameplay in general is quite problematic sometimes. The score given to the story is a three out of five. Why, because the story itself is quite appealing, and is a plus that the developers tried to update an old myth into a contemporary settings.

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    The score given to the gameplay is a 2 out of 5. Why, because is really difficult sometimes to move in the scenarios, not because of the difficulty of the scenarios but of the unresponsive controls that can turn any moment of play into a nightmare.

    Not only the unresponsive controls can turn the game into something boring, but the chaotic movements of the enemies and the lack of traps can turn the experience in something boring and thus making the player to lose interest in the game at all, because of different aspects that give less to the game experience. I have to say overall, Legendary is a game that falls short and it could have been a better game, if the developing team was a little more organized.

    The graphics are really, really good, the textures are amazing but from graphics a game can’t live. The graphics themselves are a great aspect that probably will make the game experience a little bit better.

    The sounds and BMX are really good, you get into the atmosphere at a certain degree because of the utter problems with the game dynamics, and the player won’t be able to enjoy the chilly atmosphere because of the lousy game controls. As it was said, the sounds and BMX are really, they give to the game an atmosphere of survival movie like 28 days later or Resident Evil, but the music is overshadowed by some other technical aspects.

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    Overall, I don’t recommend the game because of the different technical problems, if you want to play a survival / first person shooter like this, I recommend of playing Halo or Duke Nukem, which you can find as a shareware on the internet and even if Duke Nukem is an old game is a more enjoyable game than Legendary.