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SOCOM: Confrontation Guide and Tips

by: Rangebar Merani ; edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is a guide with strategy and tips for SOCOM: Confrontation, the first SOCOM game on the PlayStation 3. The game boasts a vigorous multiplayer mode, featuring support for up to 32 players, with full clan support and online community. If you're a fan of Confrontation, check this guide out.

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    Confrontation Features

    SOCOM: Confrontation (U.S. Navy Seals Confrontation for PS3) introduces a bunch of new features including new maps, in-depth clan support and character customization, just to name a few.


    Urban Wasteland Confrontation comes packed with a total of seven maps, three of which are classic maps from SOCOM II that have been remade. The four new maps are Fallen, Kasbah, Urban Wasteland and Quarantine. The three fan favorite maps remade are Crossroads, Desert Glory and Frostfire. Since the game supports 16 and 32 player matches, a few of the maps have a larger form for the 32 player matches.

    Online Gameplay

    Getting online with SOCOM is as easy as ever with the new lobby system format featuring an auto match-making system with both ranked and unranked matches. A classic briefing room and a custom game set-up mode are also available for you to meet up with friends or clan mates. Speaking of clan mates, Confrontation has some of the best clan support I've seen in a game with team tournaments, clan ladders and leader boards.

    Character Customization

    For the first time in a SOCOM game, Confrontation gives players the option to manage their own character with both facial and physical customizations. Not only are you able to choose your weapon and armor, but also choose what your Commando or Mercenary looks like. As a Commnado, you're able to choose from five different Special Ops Squads: Navy Sea, Air, and Land (U.S. Navy SEALs), Special Air Service (United Kingdom), Kommando Spezialkräfte (Germany), Unidad de Operaciones Especiales (Spain) and 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine (France).

    Other OptionsQuarantine 

    Other new features in Confrontation include the option of using the new over-the-shoulder view or using the classic view from previous SOCOMs, an advanced cover system using the SIXAXIS controller and full mic/headset support. Depending on how you like to play, you might prefer the new over-the-shoulder view, but veteran SOCOM players might want to stick with the classic view. You've also got the option to turn off the SIXAXIS motion controls if you don't want to use it.

    Keep reading for info on Game Modes and other tips...

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    Confrontation Game Modes

    SOCOM: Confrontation comes packed with seven different game modes and it's extremely crucial to know what the objective is for Kasbah each mode before hoping online. I'll go ahead and explain all seven different modes and how to win each one whether your a Commando or Mercenary.


    In Breach mode the Commando team must destroy a target within Mercenary territory. They must breach walls blocking routes to the target and plant a bomb. The Seals win by destroying the target or eliminating all the Mercenaries (no re-spawn match). The Mercenaries win if the time runs out, they defuse a planted bomb or if they eliminate all the Commandos (no re-spawn match).


    In Control mode each team must try and mark five key points around the level. The team that controls all the points, controls more points when time expires or eliminates the other team (no re-spawn match), wins the match.


    In Escort mode the Commando team must escort three VIPs across the map to one of two different extraction zones.The Commandos can win by extracting two of three hostages or by eliminating the Mercenaries (no re-spawn match). The Mercenaries can win by eliminating the Commandos (no re-spawn match).


    In Extraction mode the Mercenary team has possession of three hostages, in which the Commandos must get possession of and escort to one of 2 extraction points. The Commandos win by extracting two of three hostages or by eliminating the Mercenaries (no re-spawn match). The Mercenary team wins by eliminating the Commando team (no re-spawn match).


    In Demolition mode a bomb is placed in a central area of the map and each team must retrieve the explosives and destroy a target of interest. Each team can win by planting a bomb and having it destroy a target, defusing a planted bomb or eliminating the opposing team (no re-spawn).


    Suppression mode is basically a team death match. If re-spawn is off, the team that eliminates all of the opposing team or having the most player alive when time expires wins the match. If re-spawn is on, a team wins by reaching the kill limit that is set or having more kills at the end of the round.


    Elimination mode is a no re-spawn team death match. The team that completely eliminates the opposing team wins the match. If players remain on both teams when time runs out the round is a draw.

    On the next page find tips for better game play and a list of weapons available in the game.

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    Confrontation Tips

    Using the Environment

    Crossroads Using parts of the environment has always been a great defensive and offensive strategy in the SOCOM series, and it's no different in SOCOM: Confrontation. Offensively, nearly everything in the environment is destructible, including vehicles, propane tanks and even garbage cans. Blowing up a vehicle or propane tank near an enemy is a great way to attack without having to put yourself at risk in a middle of a firefight. But just as you strategize using the environments against your enemies, you'll have to be careful defensively not to put yourself in the same situation.

    Hidden Switches

    In many maps and game modes you'll have to blow up a barricade, bridge or wall to advance to the next area or to get to the objective. Ever wonder how to do this? It's actually pretty easy, but sometimes hard to actually find out. Once you walk up to a barricade or wall that you need to blow up, a detonator icon will come up allowing you to place a C4 or Claymore there to blow it out of your way. You'll blast your way through with no problem.


    Probably one of the most important things in playing any kind of shooter, is your weapon of choice. The two biggest key points on choosing which weapon to pick in Confrontation are which map your gonna be playing on and which game mode your gonna be playing. On a larger map you might want to stick with an assault rifle or, even better, a sniper rifle if your wanting camp out on your enemies. In a mode like Escort or Extraction, it might be smart to take on the role of sniper to clear the area for your teammates to retrieve and extract the hostages. But in a mode like demolition where you have to quick to get to the bomb, you might want to pick a submachine gun or shotgun so that you can try and get to the bomb before your enemies do. I've provided a full list of weapons available in SOCOM: Confrontation later in this guide.


    One of the new features in SOCOM: Confrontation is the ability to customize your character and actually choosing different types of armor to wear. Armor provides increased resistance to weapon fire for your torso and legs. There are three types of armor: Light, Medium and Heavy. The more armor you wear, the more damage you'll be able to take. However, the heavier your armor is, the slower you character will run. So choose your armor wisely, especially depending you how your playing style is.

    Attachments Fallen 

    Attachments to weaponry provide a tactical advantage on the battlefield. There are many different attachments including scopes, grenade launchers, suppressors and laser sights. Always be weary of which attachments you have on your gun depending on what type of game mode your playing or which map your playing on. Playing on one of the larger levels? You might want to put a scope on your assault rifle instead of a grenade launcher. Attachments can make quite a difference in battle and can greatly enhance the efficiency of a weapon.

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    Confrontation Weapons

    Assault Rifles

    • AK-47
    • M4A1
    • M16A2
    • 552
    • HK36
    • M14
    • STG77

    Submachine Guns

    • F90
    • HK5
    • HK7
    • Bizon 2
    • HK5 SD

    Machine Guns

    • M60E4
    • MK .48
    • RTK-74


    • 12 Guage Pump
    • M4-90
    • USAS 12

    Sniper Rifles

    • M87ELR
    • SASR
    • L96AW

    Special Forces Weapons

    • AMELI
    • IW-80 A2
    • FAMAS G2
    • SFCR-LW
    • GMP


    • F57
    • 226
    • MARK 23
    • DE .50
    • MODEL 18


    • M67 Frag
    • Mark 141
    • AN M8 white smoke
    • AN M8 red smoke
    • AT4
    • RPG-7
    • C4
    • Claymore


    • 12x scope
    • 4x scope
    • low scope
    • high scope
    • medium scope
    • reflex sight
    • red dot
    • pistol silencer
    • rifle laser
    • bipod 1
    • pistol laser
    • bipod 2
    • front grip
    • bipod 3
    • M203 launcher
    • GL-36 launcher
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    General Info

    • Developer: Slant Six Games
    • Publisher: SCEA
    • Platform: PS3
    • Genre: Third-person shooter
    • Release date: October 14, 2008
    • ESRB rating: M (Mature)
    • Retail Price: ($39.99 PSN Store Download)($39.99 Disc Based no headset)($59.99 w/ headset)