Jojo’s Fashion Show: A Comparison

Jojo’s Fashion Show Precepts

Created by IWin, Jojo’s Fashion Show (both 1 and 2) revolve around the fashion career of the mother-daughter tandem, Jojo and Rosalind Cruz. The first game shows them both as dipping their feet back in the world of couture after a clash with a former colleague while the second installment showed a complexity in plot as inner conflict seems to drive the family apart.

Both shows revolve around the Cruzes, with interesting story lines that will keep you on your toes and enrapture you as you progress from level to level, photo shoot to photo shoot. Do you have what it takes to help the Cruzes skyrocket to the top of fashion industry? Try your luck with these games


Both games are still priced at a modest $19.99, so expect to get your money’s worth. What I loved about this, aside from the gaming itself are the fashion tips and the mini tidbits that you see in between levels. You’ll certainly be able to apply them in your everyday life. Midriffs and cut offs, spring and summer designs – these phrases will dominate your world for the most part as you play either game. With each progressive level, you’ll be able to feel your inner fashionista come to life!

As per usual, the game standards apply. You have 3 models, all waiting for you to dress them appropriately with the style the befits their stature. You’ll have an assortment of tops, bottoms and shoes to choose from as well as certain accessories that will sure to add some pizazz to your style. The Signature Outfit mode still exists, and the ability to unlock new dresses in the Free Play mode gives you an incentive to get those dazzzling designs. No fashion style in the line-up? No worries, the action buttons such as shuffle and starpower will give you the extra bonus in wowing the crowd. Old Jojo’s Fashion Players won’t be confused or disoriented with the new installment and new players will still be able to play the first one without getting confused.


Expect some added MBs taken away from your disk space as the second Jojo’s Fashion is twice the size of the old one (with notable differences too!)

Aside from more fashion styles that are sure to tickle your fancy, IWin lets you dress up the male models this time and introduce the concept of pair or trio models. Yeap, you guessed it! Models going out at the same time. This effect is an attempt to dazzle the crowd with the continuous flow of marvelous designs. And trust me, they are marvelous!

A Photo Shoot area has been added as well, giving you the role of photographer as you sift through various designs and styles. Think you have what it takes to pull of a 5 star shoot? Well give it your best shot and take out that D-SLR!

Overall Impression

Both games are well worth your money and time. You’ll definitely have something new to figure out with each level as various clothes give each designer a unique look on things and the variety of fashion dos and don’ts. Just be careful on your way to the top, as the plot remains thick and the drama remains high strung. After all, the world of fashion isn’t as picture perfect as you may well want it to be!