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Operation Mania - Doctoring your Way to a Dash Game

by: Marie ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Operation Mania seems like it could be a fun game, from the short blurbs and the screenshots you see on the online shops, but how is it really once you play it? If you're playing it safe and would like to be sure before you make a purchase, then check out the review for Operation Mania now.

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    Few hospital based sim/action games are ever released. The most popular that I can remember (and it's hardly a dash type game) is Theme Hospital from Bullfrog. So the advent of a hospital type game is a novelty that might attract a lot of players who are interested in playing a different genre of sim/action game. However, is Operation Mania merely a novely or can it stand and emerge as a good sim/action game that can be compared to the likes of Diner Dash?

    Let's find out.

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    Graphics & Sounds

    The game graphics reminds me of that anatomy board game that kids used to have before... (I can never remember the name!) The designs, the set up and even the way the images of the patients and the organs were created reminded me of that game. Which is, I suppose good in a way because its a hospital game, too real images might not sell. For a game with a "serious" theme, the kiddy graphics will work well and really sell with everyone playing it.

    I usually have my playlist running whenever I play these games because I get irritated by the repetitive sounds of the game. No, don't get me wrong, the music doesn't suck, I just don't like to listen to the same tune over and over again for hours (and that's how I usually play). So if you're like me and you like to finish games in one sitting as much as possible, I recommend having a playlist running. However, if you're only thinking of spending an hour or two at a time, Operation Mania sounds can be tolerable.

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    Gameplay & Difficulty

    As a time management game, Operation Mania will have its slice of difficulties. Of course, difficulty is good if its spaced out evenly - which in this game, it is. The level progresses exponentially, getting more difficulty as the game goes on, in this manner, you don't get bored after a few stages because its just become too easy. Aside from the picking up, diagnosing and dropping off of patients, players will be given the chance to play the various mini-games that are connected with different types of surgeries involved.

    This variation in game style gives players ample opportunity to stretch their attention span as they do not ultimately get bored of the repetitive actions in game.

    Topping up, of course is regular for games like these, after each level, use the money you've earned to improve on your speed. That's always a good thing, faster time means more reasons to get patient.

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    Operation Mania

    Its a good game, but then what else can you expect when its makers are working for Electronic Arts? The level of gameplay is at par with a lot of great EA games out there. For a game that's less that 50 MB to play and only costs about $19.99, Operation Mania is a steal, you'll enjoy playing the story mode, seeing how far you can go and when you're done lay back and enjoy a Marathon session of Operation Mania.

    A definite must buy!