Quake 4 Cheats - Making You Unstoppable

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Quake is Back

Quake, the age old Doom competitor, is back for its fourth installment. The story picks up where Quake II leaves off, with you fighting the Strogg forces on another planet. The Strogg aren’t likely to lie down and quit any time soon, so you may need a little support. This is where we at Brighthub come in. Consider us your reinforcements.

Quake 4 Cheats

Like many PC games, these Quake 4 cheat codes are console commands. While in-game, press the tilde (~), Ctrl, and Alt keys to bring up the console and input the following codes to get the desired effect. Remember to hit Enter after entering each one of these Quake 4 cheat codes or else they won’t work.

Your Arsenal

There are a lot of pretty serious weapons in Quake 4 and you’re going to need all of them to cut a path through the alien menace. These Quake 4 cheates will ensure that you’re always well equipped for the job.

Give all weapons – This cheat will give you all of the weapons in the game for a totally complete arsenal.

Give ammo – With the amount of led that you’ll be spraying everywhere, it’s quite likely that this will be your most popular code.

Give weapon_(weapon) – If you don’t want all of the weapons, you can use this command and insert whatever weapon you want into the parentheses.

Give quad – Your character will do 4x the normal weapon damage, making him even more unstoppable.

Health Insurance

In this day and age, you need to look out for yourself, because nobody else is going to look after you. These cheats will help you do just that.

GOD – Turn on the infamous God mode, making you completely invulnerable.

Give armor – Gives you maximum armor, allowing you to take more hits before losing any health.

Give health – Fills your heath up, for when your armor does eventually run out.

Give all – An easy shortcut to get all weapons with full ammo, as well as health and armor. Definitely the most efficient method.

With a Little Help From My Friends

Just like you should never hesitate to ask for directions, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help when you’re under assualt by aliens on their homeplanet. These cheats should give you some on-the-ground reinforcements to turn the tide of battle.

Spawn char_marine – This will spawn an AI controlled marine to help you fight.

Spawn char_marine_medic – This will spawn a medic who has the power to heal you.

Spawn char_marine_tech_armed – This will spawn a tech who can restore your armor as well as help you fight.

Spawn vehice_walker – This will spawn a drivable mech.

Spawn vehicle_gev – This will spawn a drivable tank.

And For Good Measure

The Quake 4 cheats I’ve listed so far should be more than enought to get you by, but if you still have the urge to tinker around in the console, try these on for you size.

Pm_speed # - The number you enter her is how fast you can move while running.

Killmonsters – This will remove all of the monsters and NPCs from the level you’re on.

Noclip – Turns off clipping, allowing you to fly and move through walls and objects.