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    • Quake - A look at Quake, the God of First-Person Shooter PC Games
      Possibly the god of all First Person Shooters, the original Quake remains a tough act to follow.
    • Quake III Arena - Frenetic Deathmatch Action in Quake III Arena - PC Game Review
      Quake III Arena takes the multiplayer model that was so well-received and admired by fans of the earlier Quake games and builds a whole new method of gaming.
    • Best Free First Person Shooters
      Who said you have to pay money to have a good time? There are numerous free shooters available today, all of them aimed at penny-pinching gamers looking for fun. Best of all, some of these free games are outstandingly good - even if your budget isn't a concern, you should check these games out.
    • Quake Live Review: Fragging Old School
      Remember Quake III? It was one of the best deathmatch games ever made, and it was also one of the last of its kind. Now, Quake III has been reincarnated in Quake Live, an online browser-based version of the game. Does it still have what it takes to make fragging fun?
    • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PS3 Game Review
      The Quake series should be a bit insulted with this PS3 treatment of the game. It's mediocre in every possible way, and should be avoided.
    • Quake 4 Cheats - Giving You That Extra Edge
      Fighting for your life on an alien planet isn't easy. Here at Brighthub we realize that and bring you a handful of cheats that should give you the winning edge. With these codes you'll be ready to take on the biggest, baddest extra-terrestrial around, along with whatever army he brings with him.
    • Retro Games: Quake III Arena
      Quake was one of the original First-Person Shooters games for the PC and Quake III expanded on the game by having a well developed multi-player system that is still played among PC gamers today. It is a simple FPS with the goal of fragging as many opponents as possible.
    • Review: Unreal Tournament for Windows PC
      Unreal Tournament not only lets players engage in head-to-head multiplayer combats, but also offers intense single-player tournament Deathmatches that adds to the excitement. Its innovative gameplay and intelligent AI bots spawned a new level in arena FPS games.