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Prince of Persia - Xbox 360 Achievements

by: Doctor Awesome ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Prince of Persia was released on multiple platforms to outstanding reviews. It boasts vibrant visuals, a big campaign, and plenty of Xbox 360 achievements, and our guide will tell you just how to get them.

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    Prince of Persia Achievements

    persiacover The acrobatic Prince of Persia offers 1000 gamerscore points in a total of fifty achievements. Here they all are, organized by value.

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    Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Achievements - 10 Points


    Compass - Simply use the compass for an easy ten points.

    Wallrunner - Complete the canyon to earn this one.

    Up Against It - In combat, win a wall mini-game.

    Improviser - Work a little improvisation into your combat and use the environment against your enemy.

    Ruined Citadel Runner - Dash your way across the Sun Temple's Fertile Ground to the Fertile Ground found in Windmills in under five minutes.

    Speed Kill - You have to be quick on your feet for this one. Kill ten generic enemies before they can spawn.

    Throw Master - Toss ten Soldiers of Ahriman into the pits.

    Precious Time - After you beat Ahriman, hold Erika for at least a minute without pressing anything.

    In Harmony - Perform 500 coop jumps.

    Where's that Temple - Simply talk to Elika for this one.

    Titanic View - Find the titanic view on a ledge by the machinery grounds.

    Assassin View - Check out the stairs that wind around the Martyrs Tower for this view.

    Speed Demon - Complete the game in under a dozen hours.

    Climbing the New Heights! - Climb your way up to the highest point in the world!

    Sinking to New Depths! - The opposite of the previous achievement. Find the lowest point in the world.

    Getting to Know You - Talk to Elika over and over again until you get this.

    Good Company - Keep talking to Elika until you get this one, too.

    Saved! - Unlock Elika's saving ability for this one.

    Into the Storm... - Get this one for simply entering the canyon.

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    Light Seeds Achievements

    You get an Xbox 360 achievement for every 100 light seeds you collect in Prince of Persia, up to ten achievements.

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    Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Achievements - 20 Points


    Sword Master - Pull off 14 hits in a single combo.

    Explorer - Find and explore every region in the game world.

    Block Master - Block fifty attacks for this one.

    Deflect Master - Deflect twenty attacks to get this achievement.

    Vale Runner - This achievement is similar to the Ruined Citadel Runner one. Make it from the Fertile Grounds in the Construction Yards to the grounds in Heaven's Stair in six minutes.

    Alchemist Special - Beat the Alchemist without using the acrobatic button at all.

    Traitor's End - Kill the Alchemist for this achievement.

    Concubine Special - Defeat the Concubine without using any grabs.

    Death of a Concubine - Kill the Concubine once and for all.

    Hunter Special - Deflect the Hunter's attacks five times in a single battle.

    Now Who's the Hunter? - Send the Hunter to the next life.

    Warrior Special - Dodge twenty of the Warrior's attacks in one battle.

    Death of a Warrior King - Finish off the Warrior King

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    Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Achievements - 30 Points

    Heal the Land - Get this achievement for your first healing.

    Royal Palace Runner - Get from the Fertile Grounds in the Royal Gardens to the grounds in the Coronation Halls in four minutes.

    From Darkness...Light! - Reimprison Ahriman for these 30 points.

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    Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Achievements - 40 Points


    City of Light Runner - The only achievement worth 40 points, get from the Fertile Grounds in the Tower of Ahriman to the City of Light grounds in seven minutes.

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    Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Achievements - 50 Points

    Saviour of the City of Light - Get these 50 points for the final healing.

    Light Seeds Master - The tenth and final light seed achievement can be earned for collecting 1001 light seeds.

    Combo Specialist - Find every combo in the game for this achievement.

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    Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Achievements - 80 Points

    To Be Continued... - Earn these 80 points for completing the game.

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    Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Achievements - 100 Points

    Be Gentle With Her - The most valuable achievement in the game can be earned by completing the game with fewer than 100 saves from Elika.

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