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Reflexive Games - Playing to Your Heart's Content

by: Marie ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Ever wonder where you can find a whole cache of games you can play online or even download to your personal computer? Check out the review for Reflexive Games and decide if this site is for you.

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    On to the Site

    As like many internet users out there, I found myself one night, in need of my gaming fix. The problem was, it was in the middle of the night, I've played all of the games on my collection and was too bored to log on and play WoW (yes, it happens). Remembering that were online sites where I can play games, I decided to use a favorite search engine and look for a relatively safe site. After stumbling through some shady parts of the net, I finally managed to find myself in an oasis designed for gamers everywhere - the Reflexive website.

    Reflexive is a site with a collection of downloadable and online games ranging from as little as 11MB to the staggering 3-digit numbers. It offers its viewers a wide range of interests from card games like the popular Poker games to adventure type games like Diner Dash. For a gamer whose definition of a WoW break is to play mini-online games, it seemed like I found a little piece of heaven in Reflexive.

    There are 3 ways you can enjoy the games found on this site.

    The first, is the tried and tested online gaming, where you get to pick from a slightly more limited selection of games (Diner Dash, MCF series et al.) that offers multiplayer or ranking based gaming. This is fun, if you're looking for a short fix while you're taking a break from work or studying but limits you from playing the story based settings of each particular games

    Secondly, (and this is a precursor to the third) is the downloadable version of each game you might take a fancy to where you get to play the short 1 hour version. This gimmick is used as a teaser, and also a way for you to see if you enjoy the game enough to play the full version of the game your playing. Word to the wise, some games can be finished in less than an hour so I highly suggest you download the trial version first. Of course, it will also let you gauge whether the game is good enough for you to move on to the third option - which happens to be, buying the game itself.

    Once you decided that the game of your choosing (the first game I ever downloaded was MCF: Huntsville) and realize that you've wiled away an hour of your time and yet you still want more, you can buy the right to play the full version of your game. A full version of course entails, unlimited access to all the areas of your chosen game and the right to play as much and as long as you can.

    So have at it, jump in the internet bandwagon and try out a few games. I guarantee, you're bound to discover at least 10 games you'll enjoy playing.