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You are on a deserted island and you have no idea how you got there! So what do you do? Well you have to find clues to get yourself home, wherever that may be. A little animal pet will join you in your feat to help you grab clues on the island. Use the arrow keys to walk around and the W key to pick up any clues that will you both find. Some clues are hidden in distinct places on the island, so keep your eyes peeled. To play this game click on the following link.

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Lemonade World

You will never look at lemonade the same way again once you have played this series of pc strategy games. You will be learning the business of creating and selling lemonade in 30 days. You will have to begin with everything from going to Alaska to get your ice to understanding management skills before you sell and of course finally making those lemonade bucks. You will have to make so much to break even each day so make sure you don’t spend too much before your product is finished. This is a great way to learn how to sell lemonade or other product in the real world. To play this game click on the following link.

Burger Tycoon

burger tycoon

So you have a farm, some plows and cows. What should you do now? Why not go into business and become one of the top burger tycoons out there. This strategy game will have you managing a your farm and the growth of both the crops and the cows. You will have to decide how many cows you will need to make burgers for those hungry carnivore customers, and believe me there is definitely a market ! You will have to manage your money to buy enough plows to keep your crops growing so you can feed those hungry cows. Yet another game to show kids business skills. To play this game click on the following link.

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Steam Birds

This is an interesting plane turn based strategy game that is controlled totally by the mouse. You are in a dog fight and you must destroy the fighter jets that are in front of you. Want to fly faster? Click on the super speed power up icon next to the plane to catch up with the jet in front of you. If you keep your eye on the jet you will eventually take destroy all the drones to complete your training status. To play this game click on the following link.

Get Off My Lawn

These are warped pc strategy games. You have to defend your lawn from these evil little red menaces that will come from every angle. Your job? Get the lawnmower and take them down. You will use the mouse to run everywhere left and right and to and fro. When you see one of those hoodlums on your grass, left click the mouse and destroy ! After all you don’t want all the hard work you put into your lawn to go to waste. To play this game click on the following link.