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PC Business Simulation Games

by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own business? If so, check out these PC business simulation games to test your business skills.

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    Business simulation games for PC allow aspiring business owners to get a glimpse into what it would be like to own and operate their own business. There are business simulation games focused on just about every industry, such as food, farming, and real estate. These games all require the player to build their business from the ground up and once it is finished they must maintain it.

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    Real Estate Empire

    Business Simulation Games - Real Estate Business Simulation Games - Real Estate3 Business Simulation Games - Real Estate 2 Real Estate Empire is a business simulation game in which players will build a successful real estate business from the ground up, as well as maintain its success. They will begin with few prospects and few assets. The game follows a real-life daily and monthly time line. Players can increase the value of their properties by fixing key elements, such as carpets, flooring, the roof, or the plumbing. Players will receive a financial statement at the end of each month detailing their salary earnings, repair costs, maintenance costs, and mortgage payments. If players cannot keep up with the bills, the bank will foreclose on their property. Players will need to juggle payments, judge when its the best time to sell, buy or wait it out, and maintain a manageable debt. This game has a free trial and can be purchased for $19.82.

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    Coffee Tycoon

    Business Simulation Games - Coffee Tycoon Business Simulation Games - Coffee Tycoon2 Coffee Tycoon is a game in which players will strive to build a coffee empire. Players will hire managers, baristas and executives to help their customers, cash flow, and new shops. They can invest their earnings in equipment upgrades, new menu items, employee benefits, or more stores. Players can choose from five different cities to open a business in and compete it, numerous menu items, five different coffee shop styles, a variety of customers, and several upgrade options. This game comes with a free trial and can be purchased for $6.99.

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    John Deere American Farmer

    Business Simulation Games - John Deere Business Simulation Games - John Deere2 Business Simulation Games - John Deere3 John Deere American Farmer is a business simulation game in which players will work to build a successful and prosperous farm. Players will experience a realistic farming simulation while planting crops, hiring employees, raising livestock, and building barns. Players will face a number of issues, such as price and market fluctuations, the season, insects, soil quality, droughts, and crop failures. There are ten different scenarios, such as “fixer-upper", “hog-wild", and “golden Tuesday" to test a players strengths and weaknesses. This game has a free trial and can be purchased for $19.99.

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    Cinema Tycoon

    Business Simulation Games - Cinema Business Simulation Games - Cinema2 Cinema Tycoon is a business simulation game in which players will build a cinema empire. They will play a role in deciding on all elements of the cinema business including hiring employees, design, concession costs, and which movies to show. They must watch past and current trends to help determine which movies will make the most money and avoid showing movies that are suspected, or proven, to be a flop. This game comes with a free trial and it can be purchased for $9.99.

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    Business Simulation Games - FishCo Business Simulation Games - FishCo2 FishCo is a business simulation game in which players will be a business partner in the fish business. They will help their business partner, Tracy, raise and sell twenty different types of fish, plants, and tanks. Fish are bought as eggs and with the proper feeding and tank cleanliness they will grow into adult fish that can be sold for profit. Each level will require players to complete a goal list, like sell four Tetras, three Cichlids, make $100.00, and purchase two plants. Players will have to carefully choose and place fish and plants because certain fish will eat other, smaller fish and certain plants will not make certain fish happy. In FishCo, happy fish are worth more money, so keeping them happy will increase profits. There are three different modes in this game: relax, sandbox, and action. This game has a free trial and can be purchased for $6.99.

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