The Twisted Comedy of Adult Swim Games

The Twisted Comedy of Adult Swim Games
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What are Adult Swim Games?

Adult Swim’s gaming portal is a bunch of original games (not based on any of their shows) made by indie developers like THUP Games and This Is Pop. The characters you play aren’t the well known heroes like knights, soldiers, and space marines, or other characters you see in a lot of video games today. Some of the characters you get to play in Adult Swim’s games include Bible characters, a gigolo assassin, a suicidal office employee, and a bunch of kittens turned mercenaries.

If you have ever seen some of their shows like Robot Chicken or Metalocalypse, then you will know these aren’t games for children, and most adults will be offended by them. But even if their games are shallow, twisted, disgusting, stupid, you name it, some of them actually have surprisingly good gameplay. If you’re not a fan of dirty jokes and adult humor, then you might at least be pleased with the gameplay in these two games from Adult Swim- HRmageddon and Amateur Surgeon, but you might want to steer clear anyway


In the turn-based strategy game HRmageddon, you play as office employees who must help their team take control of the office before the other team does. Think of the game as Fire Emblem-lite, only now your weapons won’t be swords or bows, but staplers and golden pens. The way you win the game is to either take control of a certain amount of cubicles or to kill every opponent on the other team.

HRmageddon has a fair amount of depth for a Flash game. Each of the four character classes- Salesman, Manager, Receptionist, and IT Guy- has their own unique attacks and base stats. A plus is that you can choose to build your team any way you like; if you like to buff your teammates with more power, speed, and movement, then you should consider adding a couple of Managers on your team.

There’s also some good action in this game (as well as blood), as employees will violently attack each other in style, like slamming a presentation board over someone’s head, and swinging a mouse at someone’s face. If you enjoy a bit of good strategy and dark humor, then check out HRmageddon.

Amateur Surgeon


Amateur Surgeon is a parody on Nintendo Wii’s Trauma Center. Only in this Flash game, you won’t be playing a professional surgeon, hence the name, Amateur Surgeon. Instead you play as Alan Probe, a pizza delivery guy who ends up being a surgeon thanks to the help of a doctor he ran over. After saving the doctor, Probe is hired to help him run a clinic in the back alleys, caring for criminals and other bad doers with wounds that won’t suffer explanation in a public hospital.

The game will have you pull out sharp objects, staple the cuts back together, and paste the wounds with green goo. You won’t be using any professional medical supplies; some of your handy tools will consist of a pizza cutter, a stapler, kitchen tongs, and a car battery. With some funny writing as well as crisp and sharp animation, it makes the surgeries a bit more enjoyable.

You will have to be able to finish the surgery before your patient’s heart falls to zero. The best way to do that is to keep yourself from making too many mistakes, and you’ll know you made one when you hear your patient scream in agony. The game will require your patience to pull out objects slowly, but you will need to be quickly efficient too because the clock is ticking on your patient’s heart.