The Best Games from Newgrounds. The flash games by users, for users.

The Best Games from Newgrounds. The flash games by users, for users.
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Intoduction, the Itinerary for Tonight’s Meal in Hell.

Newgrounds is a dark place to tread into when it comes to Flash Games. Many people are used to the more casual style of puzzle games, and point and click adventures. Instead, Newgrounds caters to a “Created by Users, For Users” policy, and anything uploaded is deleted or accepted based on votes of the actual members. Every vote counts toward a score.

So, be warned. The games shown here contain explicit content, specifically violence and gore. Do not read on if this sort of content upsets you.

And now, the menu.

For the Appetizer: Epic Battle Fantasy, an interesting twist of a Final Fantasy style game

For our First Course: Mario 63, another fan based remake of an old classic.

And the Second Course: Toss the Turtle, the name says it all.

Finally for Dessert: Dadgame, the only time you will see a pencil pushing dad murdering hundreds.

Enjoy our lineup, and read on to get the full taste of the gameplay! Best of all, they’re all free.

Appetizer: Epic Fighter, Final Fantasy Style. (4 out of 5)

It’s been nearly 20 years since the first Final Fantasy, but it seems the fan base is still strong. Epic Battle Fantasy shows this well with its high ratings on Newgrounds.

Epic Battle Fantasy has a very simple storyline. Taking place after the events of the first game, the world has become filled with mutate

d creatures and entities that the characters must fight. Meanwhile, the humans have gained the ability to use magical abilities and spells. You take the control of two primary, unnamed characters.

The gameplay mimics that of the Final Fantasy games. Players can attack, use special abilities, spells, and items. The only difference is that of the characters, storyline, and revamped graphics. If you’re a fan of cartoon graphics wielding swords bigger than themselves, then this may be one of your favorites. There is little to dislike about this game unless you don’t like Final Fantasy style RPGs, or jokes the characters may say during battle.

There are also minigames for one to enjoy in between the main gameplay. Be sure to try it out!

First Course: A Vivid Remake of our Favorite Plumber (5 out of 5)

Even older than Final Fantasy, and more famous, perhaps is the Mario series. Everyone’s favorite red plumber is back, but this time without the golden seal of approval. Though this fan based game may not be of Nintendo origin, it sure has the quality of one of the great originals.

Article Image

The graphics, unlike the standard 8 bit style, has the cartoonish remix similar to that of Yoshi’s Island for the Nintendo DS. It’s a great game to pass the time, and its save system ensures you can come back as much as you need and continue on. It’s all the Mario without the cost!

The gameplay carries everything you’d think that could be missed. The triple jump, pounder, and even spinning actions are all capable. It’s an all-in-one hit for any Mario addict who’s looking for more.

Second Course: Tossing Turtles with Cannons! (5 out of 5)

A Turtle is many things to many people, but has it ever been a punching bag to you?

Toss a Turtle takes that idea and blows it away, literally.

The purpose of the game could not be any more simple: take a cannon, insert hard-shelled amphibian, and pull the trigger. And yet the

That’s gotta hurt.

thrill is very addicting. One can get pulled into the game for hours until realizing all they’re doing is tossing a turtle with gunpowder!

The is no winning or losing in the game, though you can rate yourself personally on how far you can toss your turtle. It ranges on many factors, from your cannon, to rocket, to weapon, and also if your turtle lands on a bomb or two. Don’t forget to log in to collect all those cool achievements, such as getting your turtle abducted by aliens.

The only way to find out is to play.

Dessert: Dad’s gone on Holiday (4 out of 5)

Back in the day, Some of us wished our fathers were the more exciting type. We always want that father down the block who was in the loop.

But then there’s Dad from Dadgame, he takes this to the extreme of all extremes. As he’s the guitar playing, sword flailing psycho who just quit his job and took his rampage to the streets.

I don’t know, that’s some people’s kind of dad! Perhaps if Newgrounds were a young eight year old boy, this would be his model father.

Article Image

In Dadgame, you apparently are a pencil pushing father who’s had enough and decided the solution to his problems would be to take a sword and beat down anyone in sight while trying to take revenge upon your bigwig boss.

The game is fun, but I found it to get a little boring a little fast. Still, beats when you hit 100% and outright obliterate anything in your path.


Well, that was the turtle tossing, water spraying, spell casting, and outright crazy meal of Newgrounds. What else could be out there?

Newgrounds doesn’t decide what barriers in new movies and games to release, it’s users do. So nobody truly knows what will be the next #1 hit until it makes it to the voters themselves. A hit can be a flop, and a underdog can come out as the champ. Perhaps your next release will get the front page trophy.

Think about this the next time you visit a site that picks 5 submissions out of 100 and decides which ones it wants, and instead consider a site where you get a voice in deciding what goes and what stays.