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Romance Simulation Games

by: Stephanie Mojica ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Whether you believe in love or lust at first sight, or don't agree with the idea of either, romance simulation games can be fun. There are a number of free romance simulation games online, and this is a guide to some of the best ones.

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    Love On The Escalator

    Love On The Escalator is one of the easiest romance simulation games to play. Love On The Escalator has it all when it comes to romance simulation games - and it is appropriate for kids to play. This Flash game is published by Games2Win, and requires no downloading or registration to enjoy.

    Love On The Escalator has a simple objective and really only needs a few clicks of the mouse to play. The objective is to make the most compatible people pass each other as they go up and down escalators. While playing Cupid, you will enjoy nice theme music that is more peppy than irritating, solid graphics, and get to see first hand how well your results end up. Each segment is timed, and as you advance more and more couples meet and either create a match or turn away.

    Overall, Love On The Escalator is a solid and clean option for those seeking romance simulation games that are both easy and rewarding to play.

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    Dreamy Eyes

    Romance simulation games include Dreamy Eyes. Dreamy Eyes is another exciting yet clean choice among romance simulation games, and guys can feel confident in their masculinity by playing this game. This is another Flash player game published by Games2Win, and like its other free website games does not require any downloads or registrations.

    The mission of Dreamy Eyes is very true to life - get through the obstacles and keep eye contact with the girl of the guy's dreams so she can ultimately fall in love with you. Obstacles are noted at the beginning of each round, and include everything from rain drops to bird feathers to water splashes by a passing car. Like many other romance simulation games at Games2Win, Dreamy Eyes is largely driven by a few mouse clicks.

    Game play is challenging without unnecessary frustration, and the graphics are good without causing any lag time for most high-speed Internet connections and modern computers. In addition, there is quality theme music.

    Dreamy Eyes is another clean but fun choice for people wanting romance simulation games that are not hard to grasp but still offer an exciting journey toward a meaningful goal.

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    Restaurant Romance

    Restaurant Romance is a movie-like choice among romance simulation games when it comes to breaking up a mismatched couple. Restaurant Romance is a somewhat spicy choice in romance simulation games without crossing the line into a shady world. The objective is not as nice as many other games, but true love is the ultimate goal as with any of the romance simulation games available online for free. If you don't mind the kids trying to break up an established couple, this is still an appropriate choice for teens and mature pre-teens.

    Published by Fun Flash Games, Restaurant Romance has a simple yet sneaky objective - get rid of the bumbling fiance of the really attractive woman and win her for yourself. Players use their mouse in this Flash game to create situations designed to break up the couple and place the male suitor in the best light possible. The game is timed, and has soft romantic theme music and nice graphics.

    No registration or downloading is required to experience your Restaurant Romance, and though this can take a small time investment to figure out the best way to break up the mismatched couple for good the adventure is well-worth the effort.