Virtual Sex Online MMO Action

Sex Sells

Sex is a full time obsession for many people. It is used to sell everything from cars to chocolate bars. It is an instinctual urge which drives us and it permeates almost every facet of human existence. There are more searches on the web related to pornography than anything else. Chatrooms and webcams have enabled cyber sex to develop into a multi-million dollar business. Entertainment is awash with sexual images and the world of MMO gaming is no exception. This article delves into the seedy underbelly of virtual sex in MMOs.

Sex and Games

hot coffee mod

Video games in general have always pandered to male fantasies largely because development teams are overwhelmingly male and audiences have traditionally been mostly male too. Female characters clad in metallic armoured bras and panties with bare midriffs are the product of male artists. They are completely daft in practical terms but the design is all about the visual. The prevalence of big breasted, scantily clad doe-eyed girls on the covers of video games is definitely in decline thanks to a widening of the market. However the link between sex and games is stronger than ever and as graphics improve the idea of introducing some eroticism or catering for fetishes in game is becoming a reality. More and more sex games are popping up all over the internet.

It is interesting to note the disdain that sex games are subjected to. There is an obvious demand for adult content in terms of violence, drugs and sex. All three are frequently found even in mainstream movies but when it comes to games there is a double standard at work. A series like Grand Theft Auto can include explicit drug use and gory violence but remember the fuss over the “Hot Coffee” patch. A crude mini game featuring clothed characters in which you could control some basic sexual animations. If the people who got hot and bothered about that were to see some of the sex MMOs out there they would be scandalized.

Virtual Sex Online MMO

second life

Now it may be possible in rare instances to find relationships or love in an MMO but a glance at the evidence suggests it is a lot easier to find some quick relief. Anonymous sexual encounters with strange looking avatars that are badly modelled and animated is not really my idea of erotic but it is surprisingly popular. The first place I encountered MMO sex was Second Life. Over the last few years the once vaunted social MMO has degenerated into a hardcore cyber sex park where people don’t really seem to be doing anything else. The early clamour for companies to buy up real estate in the game and have live performances of music or comedy have all fallen by the way side. The potential has not been realised and apparently there are plans afoot to clean the game up and regulate the smutty activities. How developers Linden will achieve this is beyond me and they might find themselves with a major dip in player numbers if they do.

Cyber Sex in Second Life

Second Life is a good illustration of a general rule about virtual sex in online MMOs. If you want to have a good time it will cost you money. For a start your basic avatar will look like a plastic doll when nude and so if you want nipples and genitals you’ll need to buy a new skin. You can then use “poseballs” blue for boys and pink for girls to assume the position and get down to it. You can also buy kits with extra sex animations and you can even get pre-written sex chat to keep the mood going. Public sex is common and people go for it at the drop of a virtual hat. You will also find prostitutes in the game and some fetishes are catered for but the whole thing is pretty crude visually speaking and not very erotic.

Red Light Center

Red Light Center

There are some free web browser sex mmo options out there but all of the free content is shoddily done. A popular sex MMO which is dedicated to sexuality is Red Light Center. In the interests of journalism I checked it out for you. A basic account is free but as per the usual rules you can’t do anything very exciting without paying out some cash. The world features a number of areas, mostly clubs, bars and movie theatres where you can chat to other people and get down to all kinds of sexual activity. There is even an orgy club in Red Light Center which is basically a room filled with double beds and horny patrons. The initial presentation is good and an introductory video explains the various features on offer succinctly. If you want to do anything other than walk around chatting, dancing and gawping then you need to sign up for a $20 per month membership.

It is a strange crossover with the real world because you can set up detailed profiles and send people real photos if you want to. Most players are friendly but the visual standard of the naughty action is similar to Second Life, although it is more sex focussed. The game also suffers from the same clipping issues and dodgy textures and there are frequent bugs with the animations. You can drink and take drugs in the game as well as engaging in every sex act you can possibly imagine but as with all of these MMOs it is only ever as interesting as the people populating it. If the chat isn’t good and you don’t meet someone you like talking to then it is just plain dull.


The last sex MMO we are going to take a look at is something a bit different and it is sure to offend a lot of people. Sociolotron is an MMORPG which seems to be aiming for the most politically incorrect game-play imaginable. You have to be 21 or over to play and it is a no-holds barred world where people engage in whatever sex acts they want. The fetish side of Sociolotron includes vampirism, demonism and criminal acts of various types. Death is permanent and you can blackmail people, get hooked on drugs, end up in prison or even be sexually assaulted. It is set in a scummy futuristic London and the graphical standard is nothing short of awful. The idea is to allow people to indulge their fantasies no matter dark or distasteful. My curiosity doesn’t extend far enough for me to shell out the $4 trial fee and after the first month the price goes up to $9.95 a month.

It is tough to get an idea of the popularity of these games but they seem to have active communities. Whether the idea of sex MMOs leaves you hot or cold it looks like it is definitely here to stay.