What Every Gamer needs To Take In Consideration

What an Efficient Gamer Should Do

I always had an idea when seeing the top ten list of videogames, but I never saw one that spoke about what an efficient gamer should do at the moment of playing a videogame; sure, there isplenty of advice from different sources, but what if we speak about the ten habits that every gamer should take in consideration at the moment of playing?

Well, after long reading about the sociology of video games, and being a gamer myself I decided to create a list about the ten habits that every excellent gamer should have, and probably you already apply many of this habits when you are playing.

1) Have Comfort and Concentration: This is the basic rule at the moment of playing, if you are playing any game in an awkward position you will have poor performance even in the easiest level, and with comfort comes the concentration that is the key at the moment of playing any game even in the loudest environment.

2) Never Play If You Are Feeling Tired: It´s says all, you won´t play with the basic senses and astral perception you need to win in a level, if you play feeling tired .  You won’t win easy, and you will see everything as hard, as if you were playing on a maximum difficulty.

3) Watch for your Back and Hands: A classic problem of every gamer, this point has a relation with the first one, that is play with comfort or you will pay the consequences in your health. As, many gamers, they tend to suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due the high pressure given to the hands, this rule also applies for the back, because many people play without the proper support.

4) Inform yourself first before buying any game: As when you buy a book, don’t judge by the cover, remember that where the fun is, is in the content, and don’t go and buy the game because you though that the cover was neat or cool; remember to think before you buy because everything is not what it seems to be.

5) Search for any help on the Net If you Need It: There are several WebPages that can help the player to create an strategy to beat a boss, a level or a game; remember that on the internet the gamers help one another by publishing PC game articles and guides.

6) Do not cheat: The golden rule, if you are a good player, an excellent one you don’t need to cheat because you will enjoy the challenge of the game.

7) Buy and enjoy the expansion packs: These expansions give an ultimate experience to every player, think Warcraft, and think Sims, what would these games be without an expansion pack? Probably they wouldn’t be as popular as they are now; and the expansion packs can give to you a different perspective of the game dynamics.

8) Keep a copy of your records: This point is really important to anyone, because you don’t know when your PC memory is going to be corrupted, and by consequence the lossof all your data. Remember as a computer, you need to keep an additional data of your work, because when you lose it, and you don’t have a copy, is all gone.

9) Take care of your gaming platform: It doesn’t matter if it’s a computer, a Wii, an x-box or a controller, if you threat your game station with rudeness, it will break in no time; remember that every game console is not a toy proof of children; they are breakable with almost little effort.

10) Keep Devices Clean: If you want that your consoles, controls or P.C. live a long live, remember that dust can kill your machines in just a matter of seconds, and if you live just a couple of blocks away from the ocean, you need to know with the sea breezes you will have the constant danger of salt inflicting your systems, so you have to take care by settling your devices in area with little to no sea breeze so they can have a good and happy life.