How to show respect and etiquette In a MMO/MMORPG Game

Unspoken Rules of Respect

Just like in the real world, having respect for other people is a way to gain friends, or make enemies.  For anyone who has been playing MMO games at all, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about… So, here are some tips on how to be respectful to both your friends and enemies when you are gaming:

  1. Respect your elders – this means that when you come across a player who is an extremely high level, you should show your respect to them with a salute, bow, or another emote.  This is a way to show that you respect their hard work to gain a high level that you have not.  It is also a way to make some high powered friends.
  2. Watch how you reply to messages – when you are talking to other players, it is only fair that you treat them as well as they treat you.  Many times, lower level players will ask for help or where something is, and without fail, someone will rudely reply to them to find it online somewhere.  Keep in mind that you were once where they are, and if you know what to tell them, whisper it to them privately and help them out a bit.
  3. Don’t yell – this one should go without saying, but still I see it every day.  When you type in ALL CAPS, it means you are yelling at people…. this is just a don’t.
  4. Don’t beg for stuff, especially money – when you are gaming, there will always be some time when you’re broke and you need cash for repairs, gear, or something else.  Real gamers go out and work for their cash, by grinding or questing or farming.  Don’t beg like some players will.  This is just uncool in any game. 
  5. Don’t spam – it doesn’t matter which chat channel you are on in any game, you shouldn’t ever spam any message.  Spamming is when you type the same thing over and over again, like “Selling great sword – PM me!” and then repeat it like 50 times.  Most of the time, there will be someone who will report you, and if you do this about an internet site or if you are vulgar – you can guarantee you’ll be reported.
  6. Need versus greed – when you are in a group, make sure that you only “need” and item if you can really use it and then ask before you need.  This is only polite.  There are some players out there who will “need” everything just to sell it.  And, most of the time, the others in the group will only greed an item so everyone has a fair chance at it.  So, it’s always polite to ask before you do, just in case.  I’ve seen people booted out of groups and guilds for needing items all the time and never asking.
  7. Don’t steal from your guild – there are many times in MMO games that the guild has a guild bank for items that players cannot use, but they think that others can.  These items in the guild bank are there for other guildies to use.  But, there are those players out there who take everything they can and sell it for the gold.  This is not cool and will probably get you booted from the guild and they will tell everyone about it.  If you can’t use the item, don’t take it.
  8. Help out lower players – when you are traveling through your favorite game and you see a lower level player who is fighting a losing battle, help them out.  You were probably in this position at one time in your gaming career, and by helping this player out, you might be creating a friendship that will help you later down the road.  Plus, they don’t have to find their body or resurrect, so it saves them a lot of time too!
  9. Give free buffs – every player appreciates a free buff, no matter what it might be.  So, if you can give them, do it when you can.  If the other player doesn’t need it, they can always dismiss it.  But, it’s always nice to give freely!

Basically, the same manners that you would use in the real world apply to MMO/MMORPG games.  It is really easy to forget that the other gamers online are real people and be rude, so try to keep your manners and be friendly and helpful when you can.  You will find that your gaming experience will be so much better if you do!