MMO Gamer Tips: 5 Things To Help You Level Quickly

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The 5 Tips…

Alright when it comes to playing like a pro, you don’t have to have lengthy guides and cheat hacks to be able to gain everything you want in game.  Besides, these things are costly and you can risk having your account banned if you are caught with a hack program… no one wants that.  But, these pro players know 5 simple tips that you should know too so that you can be where they are without problem.  I am here to bring you that information!

Tip #1: You don’t have to do every quest in the game to get to the top.  This is such a common misconception that about 90% of MMO gamers think this way.  The truth is, there are simple ways to know which quests you should do, and which you should pass on so that you can level faster and easier.  Here are the basics of telling which quests you can skip and which you should do:

  • Do: quests that have you kill multiple mobs.  These quests are the ones that have you kill 10-50 mobs to complete.  Not only do you get a ton of experience for these quests, you also get a ton while you’re doing them.  Accept every one of these quests that you come upon.
  • Don’t: quests that have you travel all over the game just for one thing.  These are usually quests that have you seeking out some special item that only spawns once in a blue moon.  You can skip these and not feel bad about it.  They are a waste of time.
  • Do: quests that have to deliver goods to another NPC in the game.  No, these are not a waste of time and here is why, you simply leave the quest in your log until you find yourself in the city that the NPC is in.  Then, you deliver the goods or item and the quest is complete.  These are the easiest quests to do, because eventually, you will end up in that area or city.  Easy experience points.
  • Don’t: quests that require you get a large group for one boss.  While these are fun, if you are trying to speed level, skip these.  They take a lot of time, don’t gain that much experience and sometimes you have to kill the boss multiple times to get the drop you need for the quest.  Now, you can accept these and then go back and do them when you can solo them, but they are usually a waste of time.

The trick is to learn which quests you can safely skip and which you can’t.  By using these few tips on which quests are do’s and which are don’t’s, it should help you figure it out in any game you play.

Tip #2: Learn to gather mats.  Yes, this seems like something that you should automatically do right?  Well, this is different than just the normal gathering of mats.  This means that you set time each week to specifically gather only mats in the game.  You then horde (no pun intended) these mats away in your bank or storage facility until the weekend.  Then, you place them on the auction house on Friday night for just a slight lower price than the others.  By gathering all week and then selling big stacks on the weekends, you will gain more money because all the casual players will be online during the weekend to buy what they need and don’t have time to gather.  You will actually be surprised at the large amount of money that you can make by simply taking one hour a week to just gather mats to sell on the weekend.  This is how a lot of pro players gain the cash that they need for gear, mounts, and more.

Tip #3: Learn where to grind.  You can grind anywhere in the game, but there are always specific areas that are better than others. This is information that you have to really dig to find, as most pro gamers won’t easily divulge this information to others as they like to keep these areas for themselves.  But, the grinding areas you need to find are the ones where the mobs are weak, the drop money and loot, and you can gain rare or epic items from them some of the time.  Not only can you use these to up experience points and level, there are some games, like World of Warcraft, where you can grind on specific mobs for 30 minutes and gain 10-40 gold plus rare and epic items.  Tell me that isn’t worth knowing…  Most players spend some time in any game just grinding.  This is usually done to gain those few experience points to hit the next level, get items to sell for an upgrade to your gear, or sometimes just for fun.  So why shouldn’t you do what pro players do and grind where it will benefit you the most?

Tip #4: Learn the economy of your game and how to manipulate the market.  No, this is not nearly as hard as it sounds.  I do this on a regular basis in three different major MMO games and all of my toons are richer than rich.  (Yes, I’m one of those players that has two epic mounts in WoW and full epic gear as well…)  Here is what you need to do to do this right:

  • Watch the economy and the prices of mats, items, and other goods on the auction house closely for a couple of weeks.  You can download macros and addons to help you if you want, but you don’t have to.  Just keep mental notes of which items are selling like nobody’s business and which are just sitting there wasting space.  Now, once you know which items you need to be after, you can farm them easily and gain tons of money.
  • Take a few minutes a day to scan through items and find those that are severely under-priced.  There are usually addons and macros that you can download that will do this for you, and make this part a ton easier.  Once you find items that are extremely cheap, buy them all out, or as many as you can.  But, you need to make sure that you can make a profit that will cover your purchases and gain you at least 50% more than you paid (those addons and macros will calculate this for you in most cases).  This way, you aren’t stuck with something that you might only make 10-20 copper on and waste your time.  This does take a bit of time to learn how to do, but it is easy once you learn what you’re doing and you can start doing it all the time to rake in the money.
  • Know that the vast majority of casual players play on the weekends.  These casual players are the ones that would rather shell out the money for mats on the auction house instead of taking their precious game time to farm them.  This is where you make your money.  This is also why you gather during the week and then sell on the weekends for a higher price.

I know that this might sound like a lot of work, but really, once you get the hang of it, it’s not.  Especially if you can find those addons and macros that will help you do this, then you can really fly through it.  Once you know the economy and the ways to manipulate it in your favor, you’ll be surprised at how much money your toon will have.

Tip #5: Group your quests together.  This is one of the most common mistakes that noobs (new players) make when they pick up a new MMO game.  You need to take a good hard look at your quest log and see which quests are done in the same areas so that you can do them altogether and save time.  You don’t have to run all over an area or zone, or for that fact, all over the game to do one quest, when you can easily group them together and do blocks of them all at once.  This is the main trick that power levelers use to level at lightning speed.  By grouping quests together, you can do 2-10 quests at a time, then head back and turn them all in at once so you not only finish them sooner and boost your experience faster.  Even if you don’t use the other tips here, and you only use this one, you’ll be amazed at how fast you begin to level and how quickly you can catch up with other players that have passed you like you were standing still.

So, there you have it - 5 simple and easy tips that pro gamers use to become the most powerful players on their servers.  Yes, these are easy… yes, these are actually common sense things that you should already know… and now you do!