A Review of the Gaming Site MMORPG.com - Is it Worth Your Time?

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Overall Quality (5 out of 5)

MMORPG.com has quickly become one of the top go-to sites for MMORPG news and information. The site has taken on quite a number of new features over the years, to the point where the site is now essentially Gamespot for MMORPGs. The site does have it’s good aspects and poor aspects, but overall it is an indispesible site for any MMORPG gamer.

MMORPG.com regularly has give-aways related to particular MMORPG games - Most of the time there are four or five giveaways happening at any one time. Only a couple of years ago, they would have a single giveaway off and on, so this is a good indication of how quickly the site is maturing and growing.

The site has unique content including articles, features, videos, photos, and blogs made by the players. They feature all of the top gaming comics, and there is chat as well. There are usually 1500+ people visiting the site at any given time, which is a testament to the site’s growing relevance in the MMORPG community.

One standout feature of the site is the Game List.

MMORPG.com Game List (5 out of 5)

I’ve found this feature to be the best aspect of MMORPG.com. The game list is sortable by rating, name, release date, genre, whether it is PvP, and by the monthly cost. This list is by far the easiest way on the internet to find out which MMORPGs are the best of the best. The games are rated by the players, and ultimately the list is very accurate as to which games are the best and which are not. This feature alone makes MMORPG.com a really great resource for the MMORPG gamer.

If a game begins to roll out poor patches in which multiple classes are nerfed, or if the company begins to treat its players with less regard, it’s easy to know about it, as each game in the list has a link to the most recent reviews of the game by individual players. On the other hand, if game is continually improving and is becoming better, it will rise in the list and you’ll have an easy way to know that that particular game is improved, and may be a better experience than your current MMORPG is at that time. In the long run, the game list is an excellent way to figure out which game is best for you, and which games are worth avoiding.

MMORPG.com Forums (2 out of 5)

The forums, on the other hand, are another story entirely. They are poorly moderated, and it is common to see very unhappy people flaming anyone who comes along. While on some game-specific forums the discourse is courteous and helpful, spending time posting on other forums can quickly turn your day sour. Oftentimes much better information can be found on the official forum for your game, so there is little reason to go to the MMORPG forums, unless you enjoy taking part in flame wars or having to defend your words against trolls and other unhappy folks. Definitely a poor overall experience.

Summarizing MMORPG.com

The site has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, to the point where it is now really an indispensible resource for any serious MMORPG gamer. I really would not recommend visiting the forums, as they are only a good way to ruin your day, but other features on the site are well worth a look. If there’s any feature that really shines, I would say that it is the game list, as it provides a quick and easy way to get an idea of which games are worth a playthrough. With the good and the bad what they are, I’d say MMORPG.com really is an excellent site to visit for your MMORPG fix.