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Great Gaming Gifts: Action Figures

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Gamers love merchandise associated with their favorite games and you can find MMORPG related action figures quite easily. Action figures based on game characters make wonderful gifts for adults or children.

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    Gifts for Gamers

    With Christmas approaching fast you may be on the look out for what to buy the gamer in your life. Since they are likely to have the games they want already why not have a look at some action figures inspired by their favourite game characters? They make the perfect gift for kids and with the growth in popularity of collectibles in recent years you’ll find a lot of adults who would love to receive one in their stocking too.

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    World of Warcraft Action Figures

    Since WoW is easily the most popular MMORPG on the market currently it comes as no surprise that a range of action figures has recently been released in partnership with DC. These are detailed and beautifully sculpted figures obviously aimed at the adult market although many of the options on show feature poseable limbs and there’s no doubt a kid could enjoy them too. With four series of figures released so far you can choose from a wide range of weird and wonderful characters from the game.

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    WoW Series 1 Action Figures

    bloodelfrogue The first series features Valeera Sanguinar, the Blood Elf Rogue and as you can see from the picture she is extremely detailed and fully poseable standing at 7 inches tall. There’s also the diminutive Dwarf Warrior Thargas Anvilmar, the Orc Shaman Rehgar Earthfury, the Undead Warlock Meryl Felstrom, and the imposing Illidan Stormrage who has an impressive wingspan of 11 inches. Prices vary from around $40 for Thargas up to $90 for Illidan and you can find some of them to order online via Amazon.

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    WoW Series 2 Action Figures

    Series 2 features the Draenei Paladin Vindicator Marrad, the Gnome Warrior Sprocket Gyrospring, the Human Warrior Archilon Shadowheart, the Night Elf Druid Broll Bearmantle and the Troll Priest Zabra Hexx. Once again you can order them via Amazon and the prices appear to be a bit cheaper at around $20 per figure.

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    Other Warcraft Action Figures

    Series 3 and 4 feature another ten characters and prices are once again around the $20 mark but you’ll have to move fast if you want to get your hands on them as they sell out very quickly.

    Check out the DC website for the full line up.

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    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Action Figures

    giant This game is going the opposite way in that it was originally a tabletop role-playing game which has spawned an online MMO version. There is no shortage of action figures associated with Warhammer although the versions originally used for tabletop gaming were the lead variety miniatures (many are now plastic). They come unpainted and it requires a fair amount of skill to successfully paint them up because they are so small. You can also purchase various structures and game boards to play on or just to display your figures on. They aren’t recommended for younger gamers because they require some assembly and painting. You can find a host of figures to purchase at the Games Workshop website and prices vary wildly depending on what you are after, for example the giant pictured will set you back around $40.

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    Action Figures Based on Games

    Action figures are big business nowadays so you can find action figures associated with most big games. They make great gifts for adults and children alike. Good luck finding the right one to bring a smile to the face of your special gamer on Christmas morning.