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Future Flash Gaming - part 2: A new perspective

by: jickay ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In part 1 the physics engines for Flash were presented. In this second part it's time to illustrate something a little more familiar in the PC world with some 3-point perspective.

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    Flash's third side

    If you've already read part 1 you can understand the direction Flash is moving towards. Though a lot of the gaming styles represent something seen in 8 and 16 bit gaming things on the technical side have progress beyond simple pre-rendered animations. With these kinds of ragdoll physics there is a greater amount of interaction and more complexity in control. But in the end it's still all flat, very flat. All of those engines work great and are very impressive for 2-dimensions, and don't get me wrong, I love my side scrollers and puzzle games but they only amuse for so long.

    Where's that 3rd dimension to things?

    That's what this part is all about. Click here for a quick link. Here is a list of 3D Flash games and I don't mean some cheap fake 3D like those old school Ninja Turtles or Golden Axe games. These are actual programmed perspectives allowing for real time rendering of these various components. It can be akin to the olden days when first persons first came out like Doom or even Starfox. There's even a 'Generic Space Game' that looks a lot like Starfox but plays a lot worse. Other games like Run and Missile 3D game are reminiscent of early 3D racers like WipeOut and F-Zero. That's great but these aren't PC games and where are my FPS? Check out this one. Wait that still sucks...well it's actually pretty good considering it's a few years old. You want me to give you something recent?

    Take a look for yourself what can be done with Flash nowadays. Prepare yourself! (note: ESDF, not WASD; click and drag to look) Head over here to see the main page. Head over to part 3 to have a rundown of the future of Flash gaming.