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Looking for a GURPS 4th Edition Character Generator Online?

by: Matt Conlon ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Have you ever lost a character sheet in the shuffle of random papers in your office? If you used a GURPS 4th Edition Character Generator that wouldn't happen.

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    When was the last time someone told you, "Hey, I got GURPS yesterday."? Did you give them your GURPS 4th logo condolences?

    GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role Playing System published by Steve Jackson games originally in 1986, reaching its fourth edition in 2004. It is a table-top role-playing system, much like Dungeons and Dragons or D20 Modern, except that the basis of the system is that instead of the games being in a setting specific, I.E. medieval times, or in space, GURPS is designed to fit into any possible imaginary setting.

    In addition, it is by far, the most entertaining name for a role-playing system ever.

    For more information on GURPS, read this article.

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    Characters Creation

    Of course, a table-top role-playing game can't be played without characters for the players to control. Trust me, saying "GURPS! Oh, excuse me!" will eventually get boring. Might as well put those rules books to use.

    Obviously there are character sheets that you can fill out with the appropriate randomly generated numbers and such. Fortunately for those of you who may be a little old-fashioned and like to stick to convention the official GURPS 4th edition Character sheets are available for download in PDF format for free at the SJGames website.

    But what about those of you who prefer to keep things electronic?

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    GURPS 4th Edition Character Generator

    If you're into keeping all your records on your laptop, or maybe just not interested in rolling dice, perhaps you should consider a GURPS 4th Edition Character Generator.cover lg 

    For the frugal, there are several free online resources you can use, including this GURPS 4th edition character generator. It's a web-based form that can be filled in, and when done, a character sheet can be generated and printed. The downside to a free solution like this is that there are no guarantees that the creator is going to continue it through subsequent editions or expansions, or even continue to offer it.

    Just like with anything else, you get what you pay for, and sometimes a good thing for free looks better than it turns out to be. Fortunately, the folks at SJGames offer a pay version of the official GURPS 4th Edition Character Generator, which they've called GURPS Character Builder, in keeping with the Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons Character Builder. Yes, it costs a few bucks, but you can be sure it's got the updated rules and information.

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    Your Turn

    Have you ever had a chronic case of GURPS that you wanted to... No, nevermind. Do you have a funny story that happened during a GURPS game? Do you have a favorite resource for a GURPS 4th edition character generator that you'd like to plug? Please post a comment and share it up!