Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13

Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13
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Improved Gun Balance in Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13

Guns have been completely rebalanced in Patch 1.13 in order to better reflect real life ballistic performance of the weapons.

In the original version of Jagged Alliance 2 certain smaller caliber weapons outperformed some of the larger caliber weapons. Patch 1.13 completely changes this; all of the weapons’ damage and range values have been adjusted to facilitate more realistic gameplay balance while simultaneously keeping the fun intact. Due to these changes, the player may find utility in many of the useless weapons from the original.

Added Weapon Variety in Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13

Patch 1.13 also offers far more weapon choices than the original.

The patch provides for a wide variety of tactical options with the roughly 250 included firearms. Firearms include about 60 pistols, 35 submachine guns, 15 shotguns, 70 assault rifles, 30 sniper rifles, 15 light machine guns, and 15 explosive launchers.

New Weapon Customization Options in Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13


A large amount of customization is possible with all of the new gun attachments and ammunition types.

Some of the new attachments include reflex scopes, battle scopes, folding stocks, retractable stocks, foregrips, trigger groupings, suppressors, and laser aiming modules.

Patch 1.13 comes with 21 different types of firearm ammunition, and each come with their own pros and cons. For example, players can utilize tracer rounds to improve accuracy of burst and automatic fire or even try their hand with cold-loaded ammo to lowers the acoustic properties of weapons.

New Armor and Equipment in Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13

LBE Gear

As if there weren’t enough customization already, the armor and inventory systems have been overhauled.

New armor types are available, and all armor now has varied coverage. Certain armor will provide more complete protection from projectiles, other armor will offer camouflage, and some armor can even be upgraded.

The new inventory system tries to make the player strike a balance between mobility and the amount of items that can be carried. New load bearing equipment includes items such as vests, pouches, holsters, and backpacks.

New Difficulty Level and Smarter AI in Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13

Patch 1.13 adds new challenges through an all-new difficulty level and the implementation of smarter AI behavior.

If you thought the original Jagged Alliance 2 was not hard enough, the new Insane difficulty may offer you the challenge you’ve been desiring. Tons more enemies, endless reinforcements, and more aggressive assaults will keep you on your toes no matter how much of an expert you may be at Jagged Alliance 2.

Title Screen

Similarly, the improved AI provides for a much more immersive experience, and it no longer feels like enemy soldiers are downed like fish in a barrel. Enemy soldiers will attempt to suppress and flank your mercenaries. The AI will utilize cover more frequently and will rarely charge directly at your mercenaries. Enemy forces will provide spotting for snipers that will attempt to pick off your team from afar. Real tactics must be used in order to be successful in Patch 1.13.

Overall Impressions of Jagged Alliance 2 Patch 1.13

Patch 1.13 provides players with a refreshing new experience in Arulco. Almost all of the new gameplay changes greatly expand the tactical options of the player and improve upon the original framework of the game. Since most of the changes and gameplay options can be managed through INI files, customization is truly king of this fan-made patch. Players seeking to breathe some new life into this classic game are strongly encouraged to seek out Patch 1.13 for Jagged Alliance 2.