Monster Hunter Tri: How to beat Barroth

Monster Hunter Tri: How to beat Barroth
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Description and Behavior

Barroth are large bipedal creatures with massive head balanced by a long clubbed heavy tail. In contrast to its large and powerful hind limbs, Barroth’s forelimbs are small. They also bear a distinctive crowned head crest, a reddish black color and ridges down their backs. More often than not, Barroth’s like to cover their body parts with hardened mud, and as such, serves as their protective armor. One unique feature of a Barroth is that they like to submerge themselves on mud, where only the crown of their heads can be seen. If a creature gets near it while submerged, they will jump out of the mud to attack whoever is near it. This is also the first boss that has a deafening roar and will cause your character to duck and cover their ears for a couple of seconds. Read more how to defeat this boss on this Monster Hunter Tri: How to Beat Barroth Guide.

Mud Lover

Monster Hunter Tri: How To Beat Barroth - Submerged in mud

You’ll first encounter the Barroth on Area 3 of the Sandy Plains_,_ initially submerged on mud. When it emerges, most parts of its body will be covered by it and serves as its armor. Since almost all of its body areas are protected by the mud, the legs, tail and inner body will be your main target when fighting this monster. During the course of the fight, it will occasionally shake off excess mud. Unless you have an equipment that negates the Mud status, i.e. Rhenoplos armor, it is best to avoid these as the Mud debuff will encase you temporarily in mud, preventing you from using any items and drastically hinders your movement.

Fighting a Barroth is annoying especially during the first fights. Constantly getting hit by the mud and unable to do anything will distract you from your focus. Although any armor will do on your fight with this monster, anything that prevents the Mud debuff will greatly aid you in killing this creature.

Attack Patterns - The Head

Monster Hunter Tri: How To Beat Barroth - The Head-butts are devastating

It uses its gigantic head as its main weapon, hardened by thick scaled skin protected by mud. It usually gives off a signal when it is going to use its head to attack, you will notice that it lowers its head down a bit, then either it charges or snap at you. When it charges, the usual mistake that a player makes is they try to avoid the charge early. The Barroth will tilt at the middle of the charge depending on its target’s location, so be sure to evade at the last possible moment. There is a small chance that you’ll get stunned when you get hit by the Barroth’s charge. Unlike the other bosses where the head is the weak spot, striking a Barroth on this area will make your weapon dull and thus lowering its attack rating.

Attack Patterns - The Tail

The tail of Barroth is scaled and clubbed which it uses to swipe anything within the 180 degree angle near its body. It stops for a moment before unleashing this attack twice. At the end of the Barroth’s charge, it swings its tail towards its right side, so set yourself up so that you’ll be on its left at the end of its bull run.

As an added note, hitting the tail multiple times will cause it to be severed from the Barroth. Looting this tail will give you extra loot as well as decrease the range of the Barroth’s tail swipe.

Attack Strategy

Monster Hunter Tri: How to Beat Barroth - Roar

Choosing the right weapon, armor and as well as your positioning are the keys on fighting this creature. Lower class weapons, those that you can buy from the merchant, will usually be deflected by the Barroth’s mud armor. It is imperative that you choose a weapon with a green sharpness rating, and those that can reach a distance. Thus for this fight, a switch axe or a heavy sword is preferable. You may also choose a lance as the large shield will block almost all attacks that the Barroth can dish out.

The moment you see a Barroth, position yourself a bit on its side and not at its front. The Barroth likes to do charges, you’re gonna have a hard time fighting this if when you’re constantly being hit by its head-butts. The moment it finishes charging, remember to always roll to its left side, as the tail swipes the right area after the charge.

Avoid the mud that comes off from its body, if you hit by these, you’re going to have the Mud debuff. However, you can ignore these mud balls if you’re wearing an armor that has a Mud rsating total of 10 or above. As this gives you immunity to the Mud debuff.

Like any other creatures, the Barroth has several elemental weakness. When it is covered in mud, it is weaker to water; when no mud, it is weaker to fire. Its weakness to ice does not change during the entire course of the fight thats why Ice elemental weapons are also a good choice against Barroth.

Additional Information

Habitat: Sandy Plains and areas with mud

Loots: Barroth Ridge, Barroth Shell, Barroth Scalp, Barroth Claw

Drops: Wyvern Tear, Fertile Mud, Barroth Ridge

Additional Reward: Barroth Tail (cut tail)

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