Monster Hunter Tri: How To Beat Royal Ludroth

Monster Hunter Tri: How To Beat Royal Ludroth
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Description and Behavior

The Royal Ludroth of Monster Hunter Tri is basically a huge version of a regular ludroth with some noticeable distinctions. It has a crest on its head, a large yellow mane, and long silver spiked tail. Like the Great Jaggi, the Royal Ludroth has pretty much the same abilities as its underlings plus some of its own. This Monster Hunter Tri: How To Beat Royal Ludroth Guide will help you kill this creature by teaching you its behavior and attack patterns.

Attack Pattern

How to Beat Royal Ludroth - underwater action

The Royal Ludroth is an amphibious monster that will make its first appearance in Area 4 of the Flooded Forest. Players should take note of the aggressive nature of these creatures, as this is the first time where you’ll be forced to fight a boss on water and on the land.

Royal Ludroth has a several arsenal of attacks on land. It has an attack where it will rear its body backwards then jump straight toward the direction it is facing. If you are unlucky enough to be on its path when it does this, you’ll be knocked out and take heavy damage. It is possible to be stunned this way, so always be alert and move sideways. Also, like the regular ludroth, it can spit water packets that will cause Waterblight when it hits. You will know that it will spit if you see it rears its hind legs. Be careful though, sometimes instead of spitting, it will charge and spit balls of water in random directions. These attacks also causes Waterblight. Additionally, Royal Ludroths likes to shake their mane. When you see it doing this, you should move away as the moment it finishes shaking, it will roll sidewards and crush whatevers on its path. Usually, it does this two times, but there are times that it will use a tail attack instead of rolling sidewards. The best possible thing you could do when you see these behavior is to stay away. And at the moment before it finishes rolling, run in. If you see it shake its mane again, get out. If not, attack hard. Depending on your choice of weapon, this is usually the time when you can score multiple hits.

Underwater, the Royal Ludroth can charge, attack with its tail, claws and fangs. Although it has more diverse attacks on the land, it is more agile underneath the water, always be ready to swim out and dash away. You should take some time to practise you’re underwater manuevering skills, as you’ll do a lot of dodging and target focusing when fighting the Royal Ludroth in the water. It has a distinctive attack wherein it will charge sidewards; away from you. Do not be fooled, after it finishes that first dash, it will head straight from where you are swimming at great speed.

Capturing a Royal Ludroth is not too difficult. Like the Great Jaggi and Qurupeco, the best time to capture these creatures is when they start to limp away. Usually they will run and attempt to sleep on the other parts of the map. When they do this, this is the best time to lay down your trap and lure them in it. Additionally if you want some more loots, you can cut down their tail, damage the mane and its crest.

Additional Information

Habitat: Moga Woods, Flooded Forest

Loots: R.Ludroth Scale, Spongy Hide, R.Ludroth Claw, Dash Extract, Quality Sponge

Drops: Wyvern Tear, R.Ludroth Scale

Additional Reward: R.Ludroth Crest (break crest), R.Ludroth Tail (cut tail)

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