Monster Hunter Tri: How to beat Qurupeco

Monster Hunter Tri: How to beat Qurupeco
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Description and Behavior

Qurupecos of Monster Hunter Tri, are large bird-like creatures, with rounded-flat bills, leathery wings, red puffy chest and a large flat tail. These huge birds move very quick, aggressive and performs a variety of attacks that deal a moderate amount of damage. It’s red chest puffs like that of a blowfish when it attempts to call other large creatures to assist it on its fight. Defeating Quropecos needs more preparation as compared to fighting the Great Jaggi. Given the fact that you will still have a limited choice of equipments, an upgraded armor and weapon is recommended when battling these creatures.

Attack Pattern

Monster Hunter Tri: How To Beat Qurupeco - Ecology

Most of the Qurupeco’s attack come from the front. While this is usually the best place to attack, you need to be alert and roll whenever needed.

Basically this bird has several attack types.

1. Bill peck - You will notice that it will pause for a while, then charges at the direction where it is facing and peck the ground of up to four times. This can easily be avoided by a roll to the side.

2. Spinning tail - If you get hit by this, there is a small chance that you’ll get stunned.

3. Spit attack - It can spit mucus that deals very low damage but lowers your fire resistance. When you see the Qurupeco tilts its head backwards, try to roll towards it, and hope to score a few hits. Be careful not to overdo your attack, as after throwing these mucus, it will either swipe its tail or use the flint-like nails at its wings to create a spark doing fire damage.

4. Flaming Flint Wing Bash - It will bang its wings twice, creating a flint like action and spark a fire. If you get hit by this attack, you will need to roll in order to put out the fire.

5. Gust - Qurupecos, obviously, can use its wings to fly. It can hover in the air and create a gust of wind that will knock you back. Note that it can use the mucus attack and peck while in the air.

6. Mimic - And lastly, it can mimic a large monsters' sound to call to its aid. You will know it is summoning other monsters when the Qurupeco stands tall, its chest puffed and screams. It is possible to interrupt this by attacking the chest or throwing a bomb, which if done properly, will cause it to stagger allowing you to score a few more hits.

Capturing a Qurupeco can be a bit of a pain as the creature will rarely stay in one area. Often, it will use its wings, lift off and fly to another map forcing you to give chase. Add to this its ability to summon other large creatures which oftens triggers the traps you set. Your best bet on capturing these creatures is to do enough damage, and when you see it limping, let it fly to another map. This will allow you to set up a trap and use tranquilizers once it is caught.

Additional Information

Habitat: Moga Woods, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest

Loots: Qurupeco Feather, Qurupeco scale, Vivid Feather, Strange Beak, Monster Bone M

Drops: Qurupeco Scale, Wyvern Tear

Additional Rewards: Flintstone (break its wings)

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