How to Beat the Great Jaggi in Monster Hunter Tri

How to Beat the Great Jaggi in Monster Hunter Tri
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Description and Behavior

The Monster Hunter Tri’s Great Jaggi basically looks like a regular Jaggi, except that it is 4 times bigger. There is some color deviation as compared to the small Jaggi, but the fangs, frill, tail spikes and claws are basically the same. It resembles a real-life dinosaur called Velociraptor, with the exception of its frills.

The Great Jaggi behaves as much as the regular Jaggi does. One major difference between the two is that it is surprisingly agile. It can jump forward and backward covering large distances and can quickly change its direction. It gives off hints on what it will do next, so players will need to focus on its actions and the sounds it makes.

Attack Pattern

How To Beat Great Jaggi - Always surrounded by small Jaggi and Jaggia

The Great Jaggi is a powerful creature that will make its first appearance on the _Area 6 of Moga Wood_s and it will be accompanied by a swarm of Jaggi and Jaggia. The quest will be available on the second tier of the Quest lines given by the Guild Sweetheart. At this point in time, players will have a limited choice on the available weapons and armors. Because of this, you will need to be very careful when dealing with the Great Jaggi. However, late in the game, these creatures will be nothing more than an annoyance or a hindrance on the main quests.

It has three types of attacks. The first one is the one where it will lounge forward and attempt to bite you. This attack deals minimal damage but can be avoided by a roll to the side if your weapon is out or by running if it is sheathed. The second type of attack will ram the Great Jaggi’s body and smash it into you. Take note as it rears back and its tail swiped on the side. A second after this, the Great Jaggi’s body will lounge sideward and quickly spins around after landing for an additional attack, scoring a moderate amount of damage if it hits. The third attack is a tail spin. You can avoid this if you have nimble hands, rolling out of danger as it spins around and whack you with its spiked tail. It does this a couple of times, alternating the direction with each subsequent spin. The Great Jaggi tends to use this attack once he is injured or is low on health. You will need to keep on moving so that you’re not cornered and hammered by the Great Jaggi’s powerful tail. It can take a lot of damage, so make sure that you are properly prepared.

The Great Jaggi will have the smaller Jaggi and Jaggia on its disposal. You will notice that when it stands up tall and make a distinctive high pitched call, more of the small critters will show up. Generally speaking, it is possible to focus on the Great Jaggi and ignore the Jaggi and Jaggia. However, if they are causing too much damage, you should take them out if you have the time. I have been to fights where in, I just focused on the large Jaggi, roll sidewards when it attacks and let its attacks take out the smaller ones.

Additional Information

Habitat: Moga Woods, Sandy Plains

Loots: Jaggi Scale, Screamer, Great Jaggi Hide, Great Jaggi Claw

Drops: Jaggi Scale, Wyvern Tear

Additional Rewards: King’s Frill (break its frill)

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