Warpforce Video Game Review: A Hit for Adventure Quest Fans?

Warpforce Video Game Review: A Hit for Adventure Quest Fans?
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Warpforce - Another Serving of Adventure Quest

Although WarpForce is an expansion of Artix’s Adventure Quest, you don’t need to have played the original game to understand and comprehend the events and gameplay of WarpForce. This story is independent and doesn’t require previous knowledge from the first game to play WarpForce. This makes this space adventure more accessible for younger gamers who weren’t playing when the game first appeared, and means they don’t have to buy Adventure Quest to enjoy the adventure. However, the game functions quite like Adventure Quest, so fans of the game might find Warpforce to be just as enjoyable.

Adventure gamers who have dreamed of galaxy traveling quests and action will love the way WarpForce implements new gameplay

elements as you progress in the game. This introduces casual, and even hardcore gamers, to the gameplay and action in a slower way that allows you to absorb what you learn easier. Once you have the basics down, WarpForce throws you into the real meat of this adventure, which is the engaging and engrossing combat that entertains and satisfies the senses with interesting enemy designs.

WarpForce is only free until your character levels-up to level 10. Once you reach this point, you either have to pay $10 for the rest of the content or be satisfied with the entertainment value received and fun you’ve had. Also, there are limitations on the gear and items you can purchase to use in the game if you stick with the free option. The gear that paying customers can buy is always better than the equipment the free-play gamers can use. This sets up a class system that takes this game out of the free-play category and puts it in the pay to play category. It also makes the game feel more like a demo when you’re playing through it without paying the fee.

The Graphics and Sounds of Warpforce (3 out of 5)

WarpForce is visually pleasing on the senses and it has some nice animations for the enemies you’ll battle and the moves your character will make during the adventure. The character models are a little stiff at times when in motion or preparing for battle, and some of the flash elements looked like they weren’t complete. You’ll see dialogue boxes and character models that remain on screen during a few of the included cut scenes in this video game. The dialogue boxes can also be obscured at times by the character models as you move around the environments. The Peace Offering mission is an excellent example of this as you’ll see plenty of flash elements with this problem.

The sound production values of WarpForce vary from good to bad, depending on what elements you’re listening too. The music score is terrible and listening to background music from your stereo is going to be a lot more entertaining and engrossing than the music included with WarpForce. The sound effects are better, with nice effects for all the weapons and enemies you’ll battle during this adventure. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there’s no voice acting in WarpForce, the sound effects eventually become a little hum-drum.

The Gameplay of Warpforce (3 out of 5)

The gameplay elements are simple enough in WarpForce for the casual gamer to jump right into the action, but you start off with very little information on what you need to do. Artix Entertainment does a good job of slowly introducing you to the interface and other elements of the game you need to learn before you progress to the higher levels of the adventure. You start by selecting your race and whether you are male or female before deciding on your profession during the adventure.

There are only three races and two classes to choose from at the moment, but Artix is planning on expanding the game in the future. Artix has developed a convoluted system that governs everything that happens on the space ship and they appear to still be trying to work out the kinks in the system. All these elements are only a prelude to the real meat in this adventure, however, which is the combat against a diverse variety of enemies. Really, it’s not too hard to jump right into Warpforce and just begin playing, with simple controls and a nice interface.

The Final Word on Warpforce (3 out of 5)

WarpForce doesn’t have free content that’s worth checking out, but the good news is the $10 fee is small enough to make checking out the rest of the game worthwhile. However, there are a number of other free games out there that are much more entertaining than Warpforce, and other games priced around $10 that have much more replay value than this game.