A Guide To The Side Quests of The Last Remnant: The Dreaming Rose, For Love the Bell Tolls, and Good-Bye Sweet Love.

A Guide To The Side Quests of The Last Remnant:  The Dreaming Rose, For Love the Bell Tolls, and Good-Bye Sweet Love.
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The Dreaming Rose

Head to the tavern in Celapaleis, and head upstairs, make a right at the top of the stairs, and you will see a man with a red text bubble over his head. This is the Baron Nielsen. The Baron appears to have lost his spouse, he will tell you she just wandered away. In the classic fashion of the lazy aristocracy, the Baron is not going to do his dirty work himself. He would rather pay you to do this dirty work. Accepting his quest will take you to the Ivory Peaks. Move forward and stay toward the right, when you reach the right edge of the map you will find a rock wall, with two people standing in front of it. Talk to them, wait through the cut scene, and kill the monsters that have just snuck up on you. When the battle ends you will be taken back to the Baron, talk to him and the quest is over.

For Love The Bell Tolls

The next time you are in Balterossa, head for the Cafe Moon Dust. Upstairs, in the back right corner, talk to a man named Paris. He has agreed to meet his love at a castle that is unfortunately full of monsters. Another coward, he wants you to do the clean up. When you get to the castle, head forward until you come to a y intersection, where both paths are blocked by odd doors. Head towards the left door and look to your left, you should see a pathway. Follow this until you come to another fork and head left. Now head back to the area with the two creepy doors and go up the hallway to the other door, you will notice another passage on the side, take it. This passage will come to a T head, go left. Eventually you will come to a 4 way intersection, make a right here, and then a right at the next T intersection. Up here you’ll find an excavation point of interest, but nothing else really. When you come to the last y take the left path. When you enter a large room, you’ll trigger a cut scene and a boss battle. He is not that hard to beat.

Good Bye, Sweet Love

Go and bother the same Paris from the quest above, you will find him in the same location. Once you accept the quest Paris will join you as a guest union You will now be taken to the great subterraine , take the path on the right as far as it will go. When you get past the room with the transporter, you are at the boss battle. This boss has odd blob-like side kicks. You will want to take them out first. Then move on to Seer, just don’t rely on the mystic arts. He has attacks that will block your ability to use them. The life bar is long but eventually he will die.

The Broken Seal

Go to the pub in Melphina, and there you will find a knight. Chat him up and you will be invited to the palace. Use the city map to head to the palace, and chat with a man named Roberto. Once you do this you will end up in Crookfen. Your goal here is find 4 columns. Head directly forward around the lake to find the first column. To fix this one you will have to defeat the Ruler of Mystic Arts. He is not too hard to deal with. The rest of the columns will be around the edge of this pond, so keep walking. None of these pillars will be particularly hard to beat, just keep plugging at it and soon they will all be dead.

The Dissapearing Knights

Talk to the same knight as the quest above and you will end up in Siebenbur, you will noticed that the moss covered key has been added to your inventory. Follow this path forward, killing any enemies that stand before you. When you come to a fork in the road, choose the right path. Go through the door and up the stairs. Talk to the group of men you find at the top, then head past them and the teleporter until you encounter a large group of enemies. When you defeat them, their leader will run. Follow him, eventually you will come to a large door followed by a short staircase. When you come to a fork, turn right and keep going until you come to another door. Use the moss covered keys to enter these doors and save. In this room is a rare creature called the Void Intruder. Once you defeat him, keep heading up the stairways until you reach the fifth path. At the first fork in the road go straight. Don’t be confused, this does take you to the top of a cliff. The good news is that you can slide down that cliff and keep on walking. Make a left at the next two intersections and keep heading forward until you reach the intersection for the world map. Then go back and talk to Roberto. The secret to communicating with Roberto is that whenever he give you a choice, choose the one on the bottom to get your reward.

The Reviving Legend

It’s time to bug the Knight of Melphina again. Once you chat with him you will be taken to Malborge Flatlands. All you have to do here is kill enemy units. Once that is done, head back to the palace and talk to Roberto. Once again, choose the bottom option when they ask you a question.

The Cosmos Maiden

At the pub in Nagapur, head upstairs and to the left. Find the man labeled Kosmosfest Staff, and once he is done telling you will problems tell him you will get his maiden back safe. You will now be in Crookfen. Head straight until you hit the water and then wade through it. You will go through two ravines, eventually you will see a shallow pool on your left. Talk to the person standing by that pool, then head all the way back to the entrance you came in. Chat with the person that sent you on that quest and you are done.


The (Lazy) Duke