The Last Remnant: The Guild Quests

The Last Remnant: The Guild Quests
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The Union of The Golden Chalice is only available if you do not do any side quests. This can be very annoying since you may end up inadvertently stumbling over side quests. Best to find the guild as early as possible, side quests are not all valuable at the get go. You have to reach a certain level first.

Accidental Accomplishments

You may find that during the course of the game, you finish guild quests completely by accident. Of course, you may find that go to in search of a beast only to have it not appear. If that happens you have to exit and re enter the area until it does show up.

The Quests

Here are the guild quests along with a handy location and a listing of the reward for completion.

Quest 1: Slay eight spiders. It is easiest to do this in Blackdale. If you finish it you will get the cup of Celapaleis.

Quest 2: Slay six nussnackers. You can do this at the first path in Siebenbur. The reward is a belt.

Quest 3: Slay seven crabs. You can find that at the fourth path. You’ll be rewarded with a lotion formula.

Quest 4: Slay 12 Quiens in the Numor mines for 2,000G and Blueprint 1(4).

Quest 5: Slay 6 Jhana Magus’ at the Heroic Ramparts for 3,500G and Blueprint 1(5).

Quest 6: Slay 12 Rockshells at the Aqueducts for a box.

Quest 7: Slay 9 Barbarossa’s for an Imp weekly.

Quest 8: Slay 16 Armorshell’s in Fornstrand for the anchor of Celapaleis.

Quest 9: Slay 18 Vanargand’s in Berechevaltelle for an oarfish weekly.

Quest 10: Slay 2 Brynhildr’s in Mt. Vackel for the Albic Qsiti weekly and the union of the golden chalice rank 5.

Quest 11: Slay 10 Hraesvelg’s in Mt. Vackel for the Jewel of Underwalt and phantom weekly.

Quest 12: Slay 20 Weredragon’s at the Sixth path in Siebenbur for 8,000G and Blueprint 1(8).

Quest 13: Slay the Dominator in Blackdale for a counter offensive.

Quest 14: Slay the Bloodthirsty beast at the Ivory peaks for the union of the golden chalice Rank 1.

Quest 15: Slay the Void intruder in the Fourth path in Siebenbur for the Church bell.

Quest 16: Slay the sledgehammer in the Catacombs for the union of the golden chalice rank 2.

Quest 17: Slay the ruler of the dawn in the Ivory peaks for the vile lizard weekly.

Quest 18: Slay the Whitehorn in Aveclyff for the union of the golden chalice Rank 3.

Quest 19: Slay the Snowtoad in the Aqueducts for the drawbridge.

Quest 20: Slay the Nightingale in Fornstrand for Fenris weekly and the union of the golden chalice Rank 4.

Quest 21: Slay the Nordi in Aveclyff for the skirmish cross and Wyvern weekly.

Quest 22: Slay the Heaven’s Lord in Mt. Vackel for the Hangman’s noose.

Quest 23: Slay Sugriva in Mt. Vackel for Dragon weekly.

Quest 24: Slay Monopole in the Sacred lands for a candle.

Quest 25: Obtain 3 copper ores for 1,000G and Blueprint 1.

Quest 26: Obtain 2 commemorative medals for the hawk-eye.

Quest 27: Obtain 3 Gaslin copper for the mystic mountain.

Quest 28: Obtain 2 flasks of natural oils for 1,200G and Blueprint 1(2).

Quest 29: Obtain 3 horns for a vampire.

Quest 30: Obtain 2 vase fragments for 1,500G and Blueprint 1(2).

Quest 31: Obtain an elven core for 1,800G and Blueprint 1(2).

Quest 32: Obtain 2 pieces of shadow metals for 2,800G and Blueprint 1(3).

Quest 33: Obtain 4 passionblooms for 2,600G and Blueprint 1(3).

Quest 34: Obtain a marquis sylph for a whip.

Quest 35: Obtain 5 fosilized trees for a casket.

Quest 36: Obtain 3 Titicaca leaves for 2,500G and Blueprint 1(4).

Quest 37: Obtain 3 pieces of Royotian alloy for the lion’s den.

Quest 38: Obtain 3 dragon eggs for an explosive formula.

Quest 39: Obtain a nymph core for raptor weekly.

Quest 40: Obtain 4 imperium for a terrapin formula.

Quest 41: Obtain 3 phials of ether water for amoeba weekly.

Quest 42: Obtain 2 heavy metals for 5,200G and Blueprint 1(6).

Quest 43: Obtain 3 corals for grand beetle weekly.

Quest 44: Obtain 4 Voltaic crystals for Homonculus weekly and tortoise formation.

Quest 45: Obtain 3 phials of holy water for crab weekly.

Quest 46: Obtain 3 pieces of Divine metal for spiritlord weekly.

Quest 47: Obtain 4 Ur seeds for colossus weekly and a slingshot.

Quest 48: Obtain 4 vials of black oil for 6,000G, Blueprint 1(6) and hydra weekly.

Quest 49: Obtain a legendary platter for 7,500G and Blueprint 1(7).

Quest 50: Obtain a warriors broadsword for a potion formula.

Quest 51: Obtain a Shamsir for a unicorn.

Quest 52: Obtain a commander’s Tabar-Zin for 2,500G and Blueprint 1(4).

Quest 53: Obtain a Ramskull for 3,600G and Blueprint 1(4).

Quest 54: Obtain a Daimyo Katana for 4,500G, Blueprint 1 and fly weekly.

Quest 55: Obtain a champions lance for 5,400G and Blueprint 1(5).

Quest 56: Obtain a lance of longinus for a basket and vulture weekly.

Quest 57: Obtain a Divine Francisca for a Rattail and Treant weekly.

Quest 58: Have 2 Marauders in the party for a mystic shield.

Quest 59: Have 2 warriors in the party for butterfly weekly.

Quest 60: Have a party member with 26+ STR for 500G and Blueprint 1.

Quest 61: Have a party member with 30+ STR for 2,600G and Blueprint 1(4).

Quest 62: Have a party member with 39+ INT for a leash.

Quest 63: Create 10 battle chains for the Pincer’s grip

Quest 64: Create 30 battle chains for 1,300G and Blueprint 1(4).

Quest 65: Create 50 battle chains for 3,800G and Blueprint 1(5).

Quest 66: Bind 5 treasure chests for a pentacle.

Quest 67: Bind 30 treasure chests for a bait and hook.

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