The Side Quests of The Last Remnant: Part 2

The Side Quests of The Last Remnant: Part 2
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Wisdom’s Echo

Back in Nagapur, in the upstairs left corner of the pub, you will encounter a woman standing against a railing. Accept her task and head off to Dillmor. You will get the plateau key. Head forward up the mountain until you come to a bridge. Cross the bridge and take the path on the right. Keep going forward until you find a door where the plateau key fits. You are now in an underground passage, head to the right. When you come to a doorway go through it. When you come to a large room, with a gap you can’t cross head left. Take this straight until you find yourself on the other side of the gap. Use the pulleys to head down and continue straight until you reach a large chamber. At the end of this chamber is a door, go through it and the following chamber after. Ignore the door on the left. When you find the yourself in a chamber where you can go no further forward, then take the door to the left. You will come to another elevator take it all the way down. Go straight as far as you can and enter the chamber at the end. Head left to re-enter the main room and take the door on the right. Eventually you will come to an edge where you can see beatles. Your host will now mention that the warrior you are looking for is probably one of these monsters. Slide down the bank and start killing bugs. After you have killed enough bugs a creature called Mantroskylo will appear, he is your real target. It is easiest to kill him with mystic attacks. Don’t worry much about the other enemy unions the quest will be over when you kill him.


Head to the top of the stairs at Cafe Moon Dust and make a hard left. You will encounter a man named Jorgen. Jorgen has lost his memory. All you have to do to complete this quest is to give him three items “of remembrance”. The type of items you give him determines the type of warrior he will be since you will be able to recruit him at the end of the quest. These items are scattered throughout the world, just keep your eyes opened and head back to him when you have three.

Slumber of The Lost Fragment

Head to the main street of Ghor, and go forward until you see rubble. In the back of this rubble is a creature you can talk to. Accept his quest and you will end up in Blackdale. Head straight down the passage until you come to a T. Head left to recover the first treasure and then double back and take the right path. Eventually you will come to a y in the path, take the right prong to get the second treasure and then double back and take the left path. When you come to the second y go left. At the third y you will find the third treasure on the right path. Double back and take the left path until you come to a T. Take the path towards the left to gain the fourth treasure. At your next intersection take a right for the fifth treasure, then double back since this is a dead end. When you come to the teleporter on the right side pass it and stay to the left. On the floor you will find the sixth treasure.

Blooming Flower, Singing Bird

Head up the stairs at the Balteressa pub and make a hard right. Here you will find Hanna. She wants you to retrieve her sister. Once you accept the quest you will end up in Mojcado castle. Go straight until you reach a fenced wall. Here you will get a glimpse of Hinna. Take the path on the right. Right at the first intersection, and left at the second. Hinna want’s to leave without what she lock. Back track. Double back and enter the only locked door. Go straight until you find a tarnished earring on the floor. Take it back to Hinna, then you will be back with Hanna at the pub.

The Losing Game

Go to the Baaluk pub. Oh the left you will see a “Dishonest looking man.” Accept his challenge and you will be in the Great Sand Sea area. Head straight, and to the right until you find a beetle with a big sword. Kill it and get the sword.

The Wanderer

Hit up the Rayotia pub and chat up the girl on the left side of the bar. Once you accept you will find yourself in Lavafender. Head straight. Keep heading right until all bandits are dead and you are back in the pub.

The Raimbo Band

Find Pagus at the Melphine pub. Don’t talk to him, just stand near him and cause drop. Then talk to him and join in the fun. Once you have the green light and exit to the town of Royatia. Go into the pub and chat with the lady just left of the door. You will find yourself in the 5th path. Follow these turns; Right, left, right. Eventually you will trigger a cut scene. Soon you will be battling an ancient dragon. Stay away from the devastating blaster if you are at a lower level.

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