Getting a Good Start in Stick RPG

Getting a Good Start in Stick RPG
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Stick RPG Note

In order to get the best experience, you should look for a complete version of the game. There should be one on Newgrounds. The trick is to go to the bank and see if you are allowed to buy real estate. If there is an icon for it, then you are playing a complete version of the game.

A Good Start in Stick RPG

Your startup is pretty simple. First, go to the convenience store and buy a pack of smokes. Go to the kid by your apartment. He’s the little blue dot on the street corner. Click on him and give him your smokes. He’ll give you a skateboard in return, which makes movement much easier.

For now, you just need to get your intelligence up so that you can earn money quickly. It’s barely worth it to work at the low level jobs or the fast food place. For the first several days, just keep studying at the school. You should try to get about 20 intelligence so you can have a job at the main corporation. Once you have an entry level position, you can start a simple cycle. First you work for a day and build up a little money. Then you take classes and study at the university. Rinse and repeat until you have 250 intelligence and a position as the CEO.

Once you start to have extra cash left over, remember to go to the convenience store and buy caffeine pills. Also buy the alarm clock at the pawn shop. These let you wake up much earlier to work or study longer. They’re usually worth the money, if for no other reason than the extra shift they should let you pull.

Feel free to mix in some time at the gym, a few bar fights, or some drinks at the bar to raise your strength and charisma at the beginning. It’s better to focus on these later in Stick RPG though.

Leveling Up Your Skills in Stick RPG

Once you have the top CEO job, you should take your money and buy a good stock of caffeine pills. Then just do nothing but work all day and put the money into the bank. You should try to get enough for the first house upgrade.

The first apartment lets you buy a new computer, which lets you start trading stocks. This is a pretty good way for you to make some money. I’ll cover that later though.

At this point, it’s basically just a grind to get more skills. You’ll need 666 in charm, intelligence, and strength to be a dictator and 777 in charm, intelligence, and charm to become president.

The Bar is a Pretty Important Part of Stick RPG

Intelligence isn’t anything new. Just keep taking classes to build it up. You might want to start with this one, since getting 500 intelligence will let you unlock the car and improve your movement speeds even more.

Charm is mainly gained by drinking at the bar. Just keep drinking to build it up. You could smoke too, but that hurts your health. Remember to give money and a bottle of beer to the bum outside the bar though. You get a nice charm boost the first time you do either.

Strength can be built slowly through the gym. This is really the only option for good karma characters. Bar fights let you gain strength 3 points at a time, but they tend to be buggy in Stick RPG. Killing a person also counts for bad karma and dying in a fight means you have to reload your last save.

You will be earning money as you do this. Once you upgrade to the penthouse, you will be able to buy a television and watch television shows to more efficiently boost each skill. Once you get the proper TV, just keep watching the different shows to boost your skills faster.

Finally, as you upgrade your apartment you will be able to buy things from the furniture store. The series of encyclopedias, the mini bar, and the treadmill let you automatically gain 1 point each time you sleep. That comes in handy throughout Stick RPG, since you will gain a lot of points over time.

The Karma System

The karma system is easy to understand and really only comes into play for the end of the game. You will gain positive karma for studying and working. You gain negative karma for killing people in bar fights, robbing banks, or dealing drugs. You can see your karma level, ranging from -100 to +100, in the stat screen. It will also make your head change from red to blue to white, depending on your karma.

It only counts for the last job though. Players with at least +1 karma can become president. Players with at least -1 karma can become a dictator.

The Extras of Stick RPG

While this is going on, you will be able to take advantage of some of the game’s extras.

Giving the skateboard boy more cigarettes will hurt his health until he dies after about 9 packs. This greatly damages your karma and kills him off forever.

The dart game in the bar is pointless. It’s just a fun game.

Robbing banks and stores is just a little extra thing that’s put in there for fun. It’s a stupid way to make money. It uses up a whole day, it’s highly dependent on your charm level, and you’ll have to buy ammo to continue to rob places and earn fairly small amounts of money.

You can successfully hotwire the yellow car in front of your apartment building once your intelligence is above 500.

You gain access to a special sports car once you pass the 365th day.

Making Money in Stick RPG

There are a few easy ways to make a lot of money in the late stages of Stick RPG


First, build up a nest egg by working for a few days.

My personal favorite way to earn money is through the stock market. This can be done while you are leveling up your skills. The trick is simple. The stock market cheats and has lower rises and higher declines as you invest more. No stock will ever fall below $1 though. Just watch it until one nears $1. Then buy it and wait for it to inevitably rise in a few days. This lets you double your money steadily as you increase your skills.

The Casino in Stick RPG isn’t Great for Earning Money


You can also play blackjack at the casino. Just save before you go and leave if you win. Then save and do it again. I don’t personally like this method.

Drug Dealing

If you want bad karma, then you can become a drug dealer. Buy a cell phone from the pawn shop and get your charm and strength above 400. Since you’re evil, you could do this with bar fights and earn a little extra money.

Dealing is fairly simple. You just have to buy cocaine from the crazy red guy outside the pawn shop or bottles of beer. Don’t take more than 50 with you though, or you’ll get busted. Make sure you have a gun and that it is fully loaded before you leave.

You deal drugs by waking up at the earliest hour by using the alarm clock and caffeine pills. Go to the bus station immediately and take a trip to another city. If you don’t do it as your first action, then you’ll be too late to catch the bus that day. You should then get a message describing your success or failure. If you have enough charm, strength, and bullets, then you should never fail badly enough to lose your stash. Just keep going until you get an offer to buy the cocaine for roughly a 140%-160% return. Rinse and repeat while you level up too.

Finishing Stick RPG

The game finishes quite quickly once you are ready. You just need to have $200,000 on hand and the required skills for dictator or president (666 of each or 777 of each). When this happens, the UN calls and leaves a message for you. Choose to use all $200,000 for your campaign. You should easily win. Once you become either the dictator or the president, you will gain $5000 each time you sleep. This basically ends the game, since there isn’t much else to do.