A Walkthrough of The Last Remnant for PC

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General Tips for Making The Most of This Game

This section is great if instead of a specific solution for a one time stick, you want more general strategies for smiting your enemies faster and getting more from the game, then this is the section for you.

Tips for Doing Battle

  1. When a battle is unadvoidable it is best to be the one who starts it. You will get the first strike advantage, and save yourself a round of damage.
  2. If you are facing a significantly larger force then you want to advoid a deadlock. Doing so will save you from taking heavy damage from Flank attacks by your enemies. Since we are on the subject of flanking, keep an eye out to deal heavy damage to enemy units with this manuver.
  3. Keep an eye on both your moral meter and any context based battle options. Some options will only appear when the situation is right. Using them can make a major difference. Be flexible in your strategy and open to new paths.
  4. Don’t nickel and dime away your AP. If you let individual units use up all of your shared group AP you will miss out on the chance to take advantage of some powerful group attacks.
  5. If you can arrange to kill multiple enemies with one manuver by wearing them down for a simultantious kill will get you a bonus.

Tips on Healing

  1. Learn which attacks will heal you during the battle. In the first few combats you will not have much of an issue, but as things progress you will value this skill.
  2. Remember that you will heal automatically at the end of battles. Don’t bother to heal on your last turn unless you have no other options.

Tips on Union Management

  1. Choosing the “Play It By Ear” option can be risky, but it usually yields more successes than it does failures. Just don’t use it at a critical moment, and you probably won’t regret the decision.
  2. Balance your unions. If possible have a healer in every group, and in general try to avoid uniform groups. They look great, but die quickly.
  3. When in doubt, you are better off having less unions with more members, then you are more unions with less members. There is strength in numbers.
  4. Try to have one heavy hitter union that you can use to do the dirty work, and deal your massive damage. You will save a lot of time near the end of battles.

The Walkthrough

The Caves

You may want to get some popcorn or a soda here. The initial cutscene in this game is long, very long. You can’t skip it the first time so feel free to walk around. You won’t miss much. Once this long intro is over you will find yourself in a cave with a surly woman named Emma. She will act as your basic guide to the game controls for the duration of the brief level. Follow the path way out of the cave (it is the only way to go) and you will soon see an object on your left. It is basically a treasure chest. Emma will show you how to activate it, and you will get a sword, which the game then forces you to equip. Don’t worry you will need it soon enough. A bit farther and you will see a lone enemy. Here the helpful Emma will teach you how to initiate a combat. Defeat this enemy to trigger another cut scene, where the talisman around your neck will destroy the creature. Reach the end of the tunnel and you will be introduced to the rest of your new friends, in another lengthy cut scene. The next thing you know, you will be in town.

Athlum City

At the beginning of the level you will break with the group, and wander around to do your own thing. In your current section you will find some important shopping. Use your money wisely, and be sure to pick up a shield and some healing items before you even think about anything else. You should also spend some time talking to random city dwellers in order to get information about the city. Once you are done head to Virtus Parish and get to the Warrior’s Honor Pub. Once you talk to the bartender you will get a new map item, one that lets you enter the castle. You can explore the other areas of the town if you want, but for now they won’t have much for you. Go to the castle and have a chat with David. You will find out that they don’t know where your sister is, but that they have two possible locations for you to check out, Gaslin Caves and Robelia Ruins. Neither of these areas will really give you any information, but they are chock full of beginner level battles and treasures. You only have to complete one in order to go back to the castle, but it would be worth doing both just to get the extra cash. You can always use some extra items, or an upgraded weapon.

Gaslin Caves

Kill the giant flies, and then you will come to a fork in the road. Take the left fork first, for another battle, you will find a chest at the end of this path with 300 gold. Then double back and take the right fork. You will find another treasure chest with healing items in it. If you choose to continue farther into the this path you will find a harder battle with some slave traders. Freeing the slaves won’t give you any information, but it is technically the right thing to do.

Robelia Ruins

Here you will be fighting giant beetles. The first few will be super easy to defeat. Once you get through the door however you are going to need to focus your attacks in order to stay alive. Don’t leave this room without getting the treasure chest on the right side of the room. It has healing items. Eventually you will come to a room with two doors. One is standard and one has glowing runes on it.

Open the standard door first to get treasure and a special key. Then open the door with runes. Once you open this you will find a battle and a treasure chest. Head up the stairs and you will be confronted with three doors. Open the one on the right for more treasure, then the center one to move forward in the game. The left only offers a combat, so feel free to skip it. Once you open the middle door you will trigger a cut scene and enter a battle. This one will be harder. Your main foe is a large man with a hammer. Your instinct will be to take him out first, hold off on that and worry about his helpers. This will keep you from being flanked later in the combat. Once you are done you can head back to town.