The Abbey - Game Review for Windows PC

The Abbey - Game Review for Windows PC
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The core evil in this game is again – The Devil. The truth is somewhere beneath all the superstitions that are haunting our little monastery and Leonardo de Toledo will find the truth.

Our reputation always walks before us. We are known as a very intelligent person with sharp but still gentle speech that stands out among the simplicity of the other monks. We are also very erudite and eloquent. Lead by the force of sarcasm and irony, we are always one step ahead in the conversations. And who we are? The main character of course. And our role – to reveal the truth behind the death in this small and primitively peaceful monastery.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

As this is a quest game, the main part of it are the conversations and interrogations. This time however, they are not boring, can you imagine? And we all know that’s very hard to achieve when it comes to a quest, but honestly this time the conversations grabbed me.

Every monk has his own character, there are some that are very distinguishable. In a few words, the authors make us face all kinds of personality that could exist. One of them is shy, the other is obviously cowering in fear and hiding something, some other is sweating a lot, hiding something, etc. Some of them will frankly tell you they don’t like you, some others will help you a lot.

Except the interrogations and the conversations, there are also puzzles. Another typical part of the quest games. In this case, they are perfectly designed. Not very hard, but also not very easy. We all know that some quest designers can send you banging your head on the walls over their puzzle that includes Latin, strange blueprints, tons of unneeded inform


ation, and facts that only additionally confuse you.

You also have company in your journey. The small wannabe-monk Bruno. There is something funny and very original in his appearance and the constant persuading to help. However, someone tried to kill him by rolling a big stone that was supposed to smash him, so we should be careful and keep him safe.

The game brings also a lot of fun. The authors obviously didn’t want to keep it very serious, regardless of the theme and the story. In addition to the vivid colors of the graphics there are lots of jokes, sarcasm, and irony that often bring the smile on your face.

Graphics and Sound (5 out of 5)

Something specific about this quest is the graphical engine that is an obvious Disney fan deep in his heart. Cartoons, big eyes, and very expressive faces are contributing to the atmosphere. In my opinion, this really help the game shine among some other quests that have those boring wannabe-realistic graphics. There are lots of critics and discussions about it, but I’m sure most of the core quest players like it. Remember the old times! Monkey Island, anyone?

The sounds are just amazing, every character has his typical voice and it’s often very typical for his personality. For example, that shy and scared guy is stuttering while speaking, others have that deep man voice, again typical for their look, etc. The people behind the voices are also playing them very well. Regarding the music, it’s just what it has to be – enough serious and thematic not to forget that you are in some old Abbey.

System Requirements (5 out of 5)

The game is not very demanding as the graphics require nothing specific. I already said it’s more of a cartoonish type which is not really demanding on resources. The minimum processor given is Pentium at 1.4GHz, with 512 of Memory and some video card. Anyhow, any PC from the past 5-6 years will handle the game just fine.

Happy playing!