Venetica Walkthrough - Quests in San Pasquale and the Wilderness

Venetica Walkthrough - Quests in San Pasquale and the Wilderness
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Rough Beginnings – Assassins Attack

Venetica leans more towards action-adventure, much in the style of Fable, rather than the traditional creation of a character and choice of class. The game is a pleasant experience nonetheless, and written walkthroughs on the net are scarce for this game: hence the choice to write a “Venetica” walkthrough on Brighthub, in multi-part form. Read on as we lead you through the first four quests in San Pasquale and surroundings and, most importantly, enjoy.

You begin the game in a thriving town, speaking to Benedict about what may or may not be when suddenly brigands attack from all directions: chaos ensues and you are quickly thrown into action without much choice.

First cross the burning bridge by moving with the W, S, A, D, keys (standard configuration); as you are about to reach the end a bell will collapse from the cathedral, the wooden bridge will crack and you will fall.

All In: Poker Action

Benedict Fighting

You’ll find yourself in the midst of the action, with Benedict furiously swinging his sword. Pick up the poker with the left mouse-button, move near the burning door, arm yourself with the E key and start swinging at the door for it to break: now enter.

Here you’ll get to fight your first assassin; combat is not overly difficult, particularly at this stage where you have yet to train in skills like rolling, counter-striking etc…Keep hacking at the assassin and the old man will speedily leg-it through the open door. Go through the open door where you will face more bandits.

Most of this section is an intro to the game, with brief tutorials in the form of pop-ups and mostly cut-sequences. After you have defeated the bandits the game will cut to Benedict hacking away, trying to save you like the gallant knight he is; ultimately he’ll get killed by a throwing-knife and you will enter the realm of death, where you’ll speak to a member of Corpus hoping to grow into his clothes.

Getting Some New Garbs

Mattheo’s Smithy

Your choice here will ultimately affect the ending, though it isn’t hugely relevant now as the narrative does not branch into something else. Eventually you’ll wake in a dilapidated house and speak to your adopted mother (Venetica has no family).

The first quest is to get some new clothes in place of your torn rags and to eventually be able to venture into the wilds. You will need to press I to bring up your inventory, then click on the book-icon for quests and choose “Mark on the map” for each quest. The map now marks the location of Mattheo’s Smithy (something lost in translation?) which is where you will need to go.

Refer to the map underneath for all quest locations.

Map Locations

Speak to Mattheo by facing him and pressing the left mouse-button and when you are given the dialogue-choice pick “Looking for new clothes.” Head to Mattheo’s house nearby, and search the chest nearest the shelves (the other one is locked). You’ll get some ill-fitting clothes. You can look through the rest of the house and pick up some bread and the “About Beasts” book on the other shelf.

Training with Brawler

Training with Brawler

Exit and go back to Mattheo in order for him to adjust your clothes. Accept the “A Favour for the Blacksmith” quest from him and mark it on your map as shown above. You’ll get yet another quest; a villager will run up to you, shouting something about your half-brother being in trouble (“A friend in distress” quest).

Next you will need to head to the set of stone-stairs on the south of the map in order to get to Brawler, who will train you in a few skills and give you a new sword-weapon. Roll with the spacebar for the counter-strike training, it’s easy to do.

He Ain’t Half Heavy – Freeing Leon

Leon and The Bandit

Have a look around town before heading to the wilderness; you can find a few copper ores, around burnt houses and if you climb a set of ladders, and break vases to pick up the contents. Speak to a few of the villagers and get some ducats and a necklace, and you can speak to Lilia the trader for an imperial sword, which you won’t be able to buy yet.

Next you can head into the wild; as you move look for copper ores and mushrooms, which should give you the “About herbs” book entry. Now we’ll free your half-brother Leon who is near the assassin’s camp. I just freed Leon and continued to move south for the Ranger’s hut for the pliers and “Concealed final will” quests, but you can raid the assassin’s hideout if you wish.

Road To the Moonblade

The Moonblade

Here you should have gained a new level, as Leon curses you for having ‘Ruined everything.’ Continue to head south, picking up ores, mushrooms and other goods you find.

Lastly you’ll get to the Ranger’s house; there are two individuals arguing about something but it isn’t clear what. Ask what the fracas is about and you’ll eventually find out it is about a will. Head inside, move upstairs, climb the ladder, step into the loft and head out of the door. Here you get a view of the puzzle-solution to get the will from the secret compartment.

Grab the piece of paper, head outside and make your dialogue-choice; you can give the will to either for a different end-game. You’ll now learn of the Moonblade; after the dialogue, and the lock-picking, walk through the door and at the far end of the room. Interact with the empty space, you’ll enter a parallel world and pick up the broken Moonblade; you can now head back to Mattheo the smithy as the plot thickens.

Stay tuned for part two of our “Venetica” walkthrough!