The Best Star Ocean the Last Hope Playable Characters

The Best Star Ocean the Last Hope Playable Characters
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Star Ocean the Last Hope Playable Characters

The characters in Star Ocean all have distinctive and different looks, so it may be hard to choose one on appearances alone. But since this game gets pretty tough, especially in the bonus dungeons, picking the right team is crucial. Any team of 4 can work with the right amount of effort, but the following are the easiest to train.

Edge Maverick

The hero of the game is always the most balance choice when it comes to role playing games. You do not have to control him however, which can make things easier and he works great as a back up support character when you get an enemy status such a paralysis and poison. His special arts are what make him the most handy when he has the laser sword equipped, which can be found by Santa in the last dungeon. Stack on strength stats to it and use skills like raging strike, scintillant stream, and mystic cross. His stats have a good balance to them and once he reaches level 200, he is a strong force not to be reckoned with.

Reimi Saionji


Reimi being the female heroine actually has a lot of fight in her. She is a balanced fighter that can use a far ranged weapon in the form of a bow. Controlling Reimi is the easiest since you can move far from the enemies as the other characters do some close range damage to it. The best skills to use with her are definitely savage sparrows which can be found in a skill manual at the end of the first bonus dungeon, and hunter’s moon, which can cause damage with a set of ten hits. Giving her an attack boost skill manual as well as an HP one will make her unstoppable when compared to Bacchus, who has similar range as she does. Her best weapon can be made in item creation, called the Mediumistic bow.

Myuria Tionysus


Being one of three different mages, Myuria has the best healing right behind Sarah, who is much slower. Using HP boost on her as well as the skill pride, she can add a small deal of elemental damage to opponents, but this is not her strong suit. Myuria should definitely be the supporting character on the team, using her to boost other’s stats and using her healing powers. When things get shaky, switch to be in control of her and keep healing as everyone is dealing damage, this is the best way to use her when coming to terms with a strong boss.

Arumat Thanatos


When paired with his best weapon the Quake scythe, he is the heaviest hitter out of all the characters. He also has some of the best damage dealing moves like bloodstorm revolution and dragon roar. Not only does he give good attacks, but he can use some symbology as well as like terra hammer and explosion which can cause big damage to certain enemies. His AI is a little weird under certain set ups which is his only downfall, but when used by a player character he reaches his strongest.

What Makes Them the Best?

Star Ocean the Last Hope playable characters all have their own strengths, but under experimentation, Edge, Reimi, Myuria and Arumat are definitely the top contenders, especially when paying them the most attention with stat boosts and adding strength to their weapons under item creation.