Chrono Trigger Walkthrough SNES - The Cathedral

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough SNES - The Cathedral
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Chrono Trigger Walkthrough

Truce Canyon - 600 AD

After taking the portal as detailed in our first Chrono Trigger Walkthrough, you’ll face your real first enemies. Three imps will be waiting for you. Kill them with normal attacks and go northwest to the next section of the canyon. Again, you will encounter two imps that you will beat easily with normal attacks. Look around to find a Power Glove and a Tonic. They are not hidden. You’ll see two imps playing, don’t approach them and they won’t attack you. Head south to the World Map, and take a moment to admire the beauty of the old times. You’re now in 600 AD.

Guardia - 600 AD

Go take a look at the Truce Village. You can buy and sell items at the market here. If you explore around you can also see the Leene’s bell being constructed, Lucca’s ancestors. There is no item to find here. After you bought all you want in the market and you’re bored of exploring Truce Village, exit to the world map and go south to the Guardia Forest. It is important that you do not visit the bridge and the cathedral before Guardia Forest.

Guardia Forest - 600 AD

Guardia Forest

If you want to find all the items in Guardia Forest, you’ll have to follow these indications. At the first intersection, turn left, then right at the intersection that is right after the previous one. Take the lower path. Now you can see two shining things. The north one will give you a Power Tab. The Southern one will spawn two mobs. Now head back and take the upper path this time. After walking a little, you’ll see two bushes moving. The one on the right will give you a Shelter. The other will spawn mobs. Continue walking until you face another intersection where one path leads to the east and the other to the north. Take the path to the north as the east path has only a sealed chest that you cannot open at this time. Continue Walking and exit to the world map.

Guardia Castle - 600 AD

Guardia Castle 1000 AD

Enter Guardia Castle via the world Map. After a little discussion with the guard and a ghost from the past, go talk to King Guardia. This cool king will give you a room to sleep in the Knight’s Quarters ( located left down the stairs when you enter the castle ). Go rest if you want, then go back to the throne room and follow the right path that will lead you to the room of the Queen. When walking on the path, you’ll see a chest that contains a Tonic. Talk to the guard to enter the Queen’s room, open the chest to find an Ether, then talk to the Queen and BAM, she diseappears.

After the queen disappears (you should understand by now that the Queen is Marle), go back to the throne room to meet Lucca on your way. After understanding all the story and the dangers that awaits you, take the left path to the King’s room to find 100G in a chest, a sealed chest and a Bronze Mail in the King’s room. Go rest in your quarters and then exit to the World Map. The next step of our Chrono Trigger Walkthrough is The Cathedral! Continue reading on the next page!

The Cathedral - 600 AD


Here we have the main part of our Chrono Trigger Walkthrough. On the world map, head West and enter the forest next to the cathedral. If you are lucky, you’ll not get any encounters. Upon reaching the cathedral, talk to the sisters and then examine the Shining Dots. Suprise! After beating the bad mutants religious sisters and your encounter with the frog that we will name Frog, examine the Organ to find a secret passage. After entering, take the door to your left. You’ll find a Revive and a Tonic in two chests. Continue to the next door and go up the stairs to get the Maiden’s Suit, a Tonic and an Ether. Then examine the weird egg located at the left of the room. Beat the monsters and exit the room. Go up the stairs to find a Steel Saber in a chest. Examine the skull to the wall to remove the spikes and open a passage. Talk to the guard, take the power tab. Exit the room, go back to the stairs and this time go down. Walk to the main hallway and head left to find some stairs to climb. Talk to the monsters, follow the monster to the statue. Then talk to the Queen, the Soldier and the King. There is two chests that contains 100G and an Ether.

Then enter the door to the right to enter the statue. You’ll find a speed belt and a Defender Accessories. Leave the two rooms, get attacked by the mobs. Go down the stairs and walk through ( = ) ) the main hallway to find a door to the north. Use the Save point, head for the stairs, don’t bother with the door and go left. You’ll find a Shelter in the chest. Take the stairs down and enter the door. There will be bats in the room. Don’t examine the skull, head for the north door to find a Heal and a Tonic in the chests. Go left and then down to find a skull with spikes. Examine the skull to remove the spikes, head up the stairs and choose the door of the middle. Fight the monsters to find an Iron Sword. Examine the Organ to open a secret room. Take the stairs to find the room, walk through the walkway and use the save point. and enter the door to face the first boss: Yakra.

First Boss: Yakra


You should not have any problem beating the boss if you’re using the Dual Strike Tech of Chrono and Froggy. Always use items with Lucca to heal the party and use tonics on every party member if you’re in a critical situation. After beating Yakra, open the right chest to find an Ether. Open the other chest to find the chancellor. Talk to Queene Leene to get back to the castle. Look on Brighthub to find the next part of our Chrono Trigger Walkthrough!