Chrono Trigger Walkthrough SNES - Leene's Square

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough SNES - Leene's Square
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Crono’s House – 1000 AD

At the beginning of the game, you start in Crono’s room. After he wakes up, go down the stairs and set the name for Lucca. Talk to the mom before leaving to get 200G. Exit to the world map.

Mayor’s Manor – 1000 AD


Once you’re on the world map, go southwest to find Mayor’s Manor. Here you can learn the basic functions of the game such as save points, the battle system, techs and more. After you’re sure to understand all the mechanics. Open the chest on the lower floor to find a tonic. There is also 100G in a chest on the second floor. Before leaving, talk to the man in the middle of the room twice to get 300G. Now exit to the world map.

Leene’s Square – 1000 AD

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If you want to gather more info, it’s up to you to visit the other houses near Mayor’s Manor. After that, head north to Leene’s Square. There is a lot of different things to do here, so we’ll go step by step. Remember that the currency to buy things here are Silver points that can be obtained through the mini-games in Leene’s Square

Upon entering Leene’s Square, go north before you do anything else and don’t talk to anyone. Find the girl that is running around Leene’s Bell, talk to her and take the pendant. Her name is Marle. Let her join you and return the pendant. Now you can enjoy the mini-games of Leene’s Square. Let’s take a look at them.



The first game is Ring the Bell, it is located in the first section of Leene’s Square (when you enter). The goal of the game is to time your shot so Crono can ring the bell. If you win, you receive one silver point.

Another game is Guess the Winner. This game is also located in the first section of the square. To begin playing, talk to the staff in front of the blue tent. The goal of the game is to guess the winner of the race. There is four racers, so 25% chances to win. However, you can get a hint on the result of the race by talking to the old man near the starting line before the race begins. If you guessed right, you will receive 20 silver points.

The third game is Norstein Bekkler’s Lab. The game is also located in the first section of Leene’s Square near a pink tent with a skull. You have 3 different bet you can make (10, 40, 80) and each bet has it’s own specific game. For a bet of 10 silver points, you’ll play the find the person mini-game where you have to locate a certain person among three dudes. Upon winning, you’ll get a Poyozo Doll that will be useful later in the game and that can serve as decoration in Crono’s house. If you bet 40, you’ll get the mimic mini-game, where you have to copy the movements of the clone. If you win, you’ll get a Clone of Crono who will be very important later in the game and that will also serve as decoration. For a bet of 80 Silver points, you’ll play the Push Monsters Mini-game. It is the toughest mini-game. The goal is to prevent Crono from falling into the flame while pushing the three coins to place the monsters in the door at the back. If you win, you’ll get a cat that will be in Crono’s house. Note that you can get as many cats as you want for your house.

The next game is the Soda Guzzling Contest located east of the second part of Leene’s Square. The goal of the game is to drink the eight cans of Soda before the time rends. Basically, mash the A button as fast as you can to drink the sodas and get five easy silver points.

The last game in Leene’s Square is Beat Gato. The game is located west of the second part of Leene’s Square. Basically, you need to beat Gato the Robot. Basically just attack the robot to get 15 silver points and a 10XP Bonus.

Important Stuff

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After playing the mini-games(or not), go to the Weapons Merchant named Melchior in the first section of Leene’s Square. Talk to the woman next to him, and hen talk to melchior. After selling his item to you, he will ask if you could sell Marle’s pendant. Say no. West of the second section of Leene’s Square is a lunch on a table near a old man walking. Don’t take it. Now go to the east of the second section. Talk to the girl who lost her cat. Find the cat near the old man, it will follow you back to the girl. Give the cat back to the girl.

Back to the story!


After doing all that (I know, it’s long, but you’ll see it’ll be worth it in the end !), go to the fountain in the center of the first section of Leene’s Square. Talk to the girl sitting at the fountain. After hearing that Lucca finished the invention, go north two times towards the third section. Let Marle buy her candy and don’t move or push a single button while she is doing that. I repeat, don’t push a single button and don’t move. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. After buying the candies, head north to the third part. After the speech on the invention, talk to Lucca. Step into the open pod. After you turn, talk to Marle. She will try the invention and.. boom, she get sucked into a portal. Lucca will help Crono. Let’s find Marle! Take the portal and the business begins!